My Brother is Here!

Okay, did anycat understand that me getting a brother meant there would be ANOTHER CAT IN MY HOUSE? Dudes. I'm sure it'll turn out okay, but seriously.

I haven't actually seen him yet. My mom did, though. She took some pictures. Here he is, when he first got here he was hiding behind my stroller...
Bubbles and Mrs. B. sent him with his cube, so he checked that out.
Bubbles & Mrs. B also sent his bed and blanket (thanks guys!), and so he'd feel at home. Mom says he's sleepin' right now. That lump on the bottom left is him!

Emma's Kat: We're pronouncing Dobby so that it rhymes with knobby.

8 Meows:

Derby meowed...

Glad that LT made it safely to your home. Give him time to adjust to all the new stuff. Good that he has a few toys and his blankie from before for comfort.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

YAY! actually it's not much like there's another cat in your house because he looks just like you. think of it as two of you. is your mom in love?

Daisy meowed...

He looks a little nervous! He does look like a mini-you!

Morgen meowed...

I'm so glad LT Dobby arrived safely!
Jazper slept for about 48 hours (with intermittent exploring) when he first arrived, so just be patient. Travelling is stressful for kitties!
That's so cool that he has his cube & blankie & bed to give him a sense of familiarity!

Anonymous meowed...

New brudders don't make you any less loved, Merlin...just remember that. It will be ok.

Now you'll have a new playmate!


Eric and Flynn meowed...

We's furry glad he arrived safely. Give Dobby a while to settle in an then yoo can teech him all yer tricks.

Millie meowed...

The Lady says Dobby is supposed to sound like knobby. And welcome to your new little brother. You are gonna have a lot of fun.

Anonymous meowed...

A new brother your going to have so much fun.I know you'll make a great
brother your already a great friend.