Why We Haven't Blogged Lately

Hi! It's me, Dobby!

Guess what?

It's a long story.

So. One day, Mom locked me and Merlin up in a room in our house and made us stay in there all day. We don't like that. It was noisy, too, but we didn't know what was going on. THEN Mom came back and put us in a carrier which you KNOW we don't like cause that means VET. Then she put us in the car. But we didn't go to the VET. We kept going and going and going. We slept a lot. She was going to let us ride separately, but we liked it better when we were in the same carrier, so we could bathe each other and stuff. Then we got somewhere, and Mom took us inside a room where we slept-- Mom was there, and Daddy and Max too. That room just had a bed in it. It wasn't very excitin'.

The next day? More riding. And riding and riding and riding and riding. We rode for a really really long time. Then there was ANOTHER boring room to sleep in. Then? You won't believe it. MORE RIDING.

But we finally got to this place where we were going. Mom said we're going to live here now. It's different, but we've decided we like it. The windows are all open, which Merlin says wouldn't happen at our old house. We still live with Mom and Dad and Max. And I still sleep on the bed with Mom and Dad at night. And Merlin and I like to sleep under their bed during the day. There's lots of different birdies, too.

We've been sooo busy gettin' used to our new place that we haven't had much time to blog. And Mommy has a new job she'll be starting, so she might be too busy to help us, but we will still be around!!!

Here we are, sleepin' during the world's longest ride.




Secret Paw-palooza

Thank you very much Kimiko and Pumpkin!
We had soooooo much fun with our new prizes!


Note from Mom

Many thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts, prayers, headbutts and purrs for the loss of our dear Coco. We are very grateful for the cat blogosphere community.

I also wanted to say that (shhh don't tell) both Merlin & Dobby have received their Secret Paw packages. They have NOT opened them yet. They will do that this weekend. Now that Merlin has made it 9 whole days without inappropriate pooping. :)

Also, they have just today sent out their Secret Paws. I am very sorry we are late. If you haven't received your Secret Paws, it's probably my fault.


Rest, Sweet Coco

This is our woofie, Coco. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.
She was an excellent woofie, always sweet and loving and never tried to scare us. She always took good care of our Daddy and Mommy too. She had been with our Daddy for a furry long time. We are furry sad.