It's About Time

Well, innernets! Here I am! I'm back! I can't believe how long I've been out of touch. SO many things happened while Mom and Dad are out of town, but I can't share too much because Mom reads my blog. I have no privacy. But I do want to say thanks to all of you that teleported over to keep me company while they were gone.

Mom and Dad are home now, and I yelled and yelled at them, but then Mom picked me up and cuddled me and ruined my perfectly good mad mood. I couldn't help it-- I purred. I was weak, but it had been a long time and she knows just how to scratch my head and rub my tummy.

It won't be long before my little brother gets here! I am so excited. I let Mom set aside some of my Christmas toys so that he can have some, and we'll get some new ones together. I'm thinking of all the things to tell him and show him, and I'm really excited about it!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! 2007 is gonna be GREAT!


Be back soon!

Hi everybody. Merlin's Mom here. We are still out of town, and Merlin does not have access to his computer, but he wanted me to let you all know that he will return to blogging as soon as possible (probably Jan 1!) and will keep all of you informed as he anticipates the arrival of his little bro.

Happy Holidays and a Great New Year to all!


Secret Paws!!

So, when Mommy FINALLY came home from work today, there was a box at our front door. And guess what? It was for me. It's about time that I was allowed to check out one of the boxes at the door. Usually they get taken away and put out of my reach... Anyway, so here I am sniffin' it out. I could smell somethin' comin' outta that box, if you know what I mean.

Then I read the very nice card that was included, complete with a Cat's Christmas Prayer, which was furry sweet.
Then I unwrapped all the packages...
And this thing immediately became my favorite! It's a purple (my favorite color!) mousie, and you know what else, it's got NIP in it. Told ya I could smell somethin'. I played and played and played with the mousie....

Then I finally realized there were more things in the box!!! There were treats-- so many treats!!! Two kinds of Pounce treats, some Temptayshuns, AND some Whisker Lickin's!!! I'm so excited, I've never tasted ANY OF THESE BEFORE OH MY GOSH! I started off with the Pounce moist tuna flavor. Yummy!!! Also, there's some chasey-jingley-balls. And a catnip play heart, which is totally kewl b/c I love the nip. Here I am checkin' out all my loot!

Thank you Thank you Thank you to my secret paws, the Tyson Crew! And guess what? There's like a SCHMILLION of them!! There are 3 beans, plus 12 (TWELVE!!!) fuzzes (Ashley, Ebony, Dusk, Dawn, Beltaine, Morrey, Thor, Eclipse, Corona, Fwiskie, Queenie and Tabitha) and one woofie named Sadie (hey, that's my mom's name!). Thank you so furry much, and Merry Christmas to effury one of you!!!

Finally, some peace

Mommy started her temp-hor-hairy job today. I am finally able to enjoy some peace and quiet around the house! I do miss her, though, I guess. Don't tell her, though, I want her to think I'm independent and grownup and stuff.

I am so exhausted from entertaining her for the past six weeks, so I'm gonna go get unner my tree and take a long nap. I'm starting to plan for my new brother's arrival, too. I will update you all as soon as I can wake up, but right now, I'm... just... so... sleepy...


Thanks for the Advice

Mommy and I really appreciate all the advice and suggestions. We'll check out all the websites and stuff.

I have never been around other kitties, 'cept when I was a baby and I lived outside... I was found living with a group of three other kittens, but they weren't my littermates, I was a couple weeks older than the others. But since then, it's been just me, and the woofies.

Mommy's hopin' that LT and I will like each other and be best friends, but she knows it might not be so easy. Since LT knows about bein' around other kitties (the 2Bs) maybe he can teach me about it. She's also hopin' since he's little (3 months old I think) and I'm only 1 (and a half) that we'll learn to love each other.

Keep it coming with the advice and suggestions!!! Thanks, guys!

Big BIG Noos

Well, the verdict is in! DADDY SAID YES! I'm getting a BROTHER!!!! He's not coming until after the New Year because Mommy and Daddy are gonna go outta town at Christmas and don't wanna leave my brother alone like that. Me they'll leave, I guess. Whatever, I don't care! I'm gettin' a BROTHER!

I'm furry excited. I'm gonna show him my window and my tree and where's the best spot to see birdies, and I'm gonna introduce him to my woofies, cause they'll be his woofies too. Maybe he can teach me how to sleep with my tummy showin' like he does, b/c I don't do that. And I'll have somebody to snuggle with and play with and wrestle with, even when Mommy's not home!

Doesn't he look like me? I think maybe we were supposed to be brothers. I think Bubbles will really like me now, for getting LT out of his house. ;) Okay, and LT will also need his forever name. Mommy says Daddy gets to choose, but if you have suggestions let us know. Daddy named me, too, and wants LT to have a magical name to go with mine. Like "Hairy Potter." Are there other magician or wizard names that you can think of to suggest?

Mommy also wants for please efurrycat and efurrybean who has multiple kitty advice to please email or leave a comment!


Nuthin to See Here

My mommy keeps waiting for me to do something new she can take a picture of. Because, she says, almost ALL the pictures of me have me either sleepin, in my window, or (recently) unner my tree.

But I like sleepin, and bein' in my window, and bein' unner my tree.

So that's where I am and what I'm doin. And that's my Kitty Prerogative! Anycat that wants to teleport over and join me is welcome!


Tabby Tuesday

May your Holidays be SWEET!


We'll Miss You Libby...

Sweet Libby Marie Riley went to the Rainbow Bridge today. She was unnerneath her Christmas tree, and I like to be under my Christmas tree, too, so I've been thinkin' about her while I lie unner my tree.

You can read about some things you can do to help her Mommy wif vet's bills and stuff on Skeezix's blog.

Goodbye Libby, we will miss you. Here is a picture of Libby unner her tree that she loved, wif her Mommy that she loved.


Visions of Sugarplums....

I am so sleepy! I have been watchin' Mom shop online all afternoon. Also, she might have a temp-or-hairy job to do for a while, so that's good, it means she can keep me in nip, but today she had to go pee in a cup or somethin' so they can make shoor she's not on the nip herself... Also, she's going to gradyooit skool startin' next month, so I'm just ixhosted thinkin' about all this. I need a nap.


Christmas Poem for Daphne

As you may know, Daphne and Not the Mama issued a challenge yesterday for me to write her a Christmas love poem using the following words: Daphne, Merlin, Chloe, Spooker, Jazper, Senor Gato, Mommy, Not the Mama. If my poem is acceptable, she and Not the Mama are gonna make a donayshun to the Hyoomayne Sosyotee. I hope you like it Daph!

Well, drumroll please....

My Christmas Love

My tree is very sparkly

I like all its lights

But I wish I had my girlfriend

To snuggle on cold nights

I know there's Chloe and Jazper

To keep her company

And even Auntie Spooker

(when she feels friendly)

But at Christmastime my Daphne

I hope that you do know

How much Merlin loves you

More than Senor Gato!

And so for Christmas this year

When Santa asks my wish

I'll ask Mommy and Not the Mama

To let me give you a KISS!!!!

What I Do

Some cats have wondered, "hey, Merlin, what do you do when you're not in your favorite window?" Well, I like to play with fishies, chase fev-ver butt mousies, eat, clean myself, nap, snuggle with Mommy.... and also sit in one of the other windows as you can see in this pickshur. If you click to biggify, you can see that the cushion on the chair has KITTIES on it!

Also, Daphne has issued a challenge to me to write her a Christmas love poem, AND she has listed some words that I have to include. Wow! That's gonna be tough! I'd better get busy...


New view

Okay, so I know you're gettin' tired of pictures of me in my favorite window. So this time I thought I'd post it from the other side! This is what my Mommy sees when she leaves me. I sit in this window so I can watch her drive away...


Lots Going On

First of all, guess what? Mommy talked to Daddy about LT last night. She showed him pictures, and told him the story about how he was living in a place that got destroyed by construckshun eekwipment and effurything. He didn't say yes.... BUT HE DIDN'T SAY NO! But Mommy says that until he says yes efurrycat out there should still be lookin' for a forever home for LT in case Daddy does say no...

Also? My mom knows I was sad not goin' owtside, so she brought a TREE into the livin' room! Just for me! She even put lights on it to keep me warm and put a blanket unnerneath so I have a place to lie down. I like to lie on my back and look up at my tree. Mommy thinks that furry funny because I NEVER lie like that, ever. That's why I had to stop doin' Tummy Tuesday, cause there weren't enough pictures of my tummy! Here's some pickshurs. Click to biggify!


Whaddya Think?

Okay. So you may know that there's a kitty at Bubbles & Mrs. B's house that needs a home. My mommy says that my daddy will never agree to it, but we're still thinkin' about it, cause Mommy likes to torture herself like that.

LT is furry cute, and he looks like me! But Mommy says she has heard that two boy kitties often won't get along. And since Bubbles didn't like LT, this possibility concerns us cause Mommy doesn't want to get a new kitty and then if I don't like him she'll have to find him a NEW place. So, I need advice from all you kitties and beans that have multi-kitty households. Is it okay to have two boy kitties? Or is it better to get one boy kitty and one girl kitty?

Update from Merlin's Mom: I'm going to talk to Merlin's Daddy about this, but if you know someone who might be able to adopt LT please don't assume he's going to come live with us, or let my interest keep you from mentioning it to someone who wants a kitten. Merlin's Daddy is allergic to kitties and it is definitely NOT a sure thing, or even a likely thing.


Widebody Wednesday

I'm not sure how I feel about this whole Widebody Wednesday thing. But I guess I should be proud of my stature and, as my Mommy says, I'm good and STURDY. So here I am in my favorite window (so many of my pictures are in my window, but it is my favorite place). It's even OPEN today! It's freakishly warm, my mommy says. Anyway, so here I am!

Blog Study

It's kinda like a game!

Link and ping to play!


Finally, I'm back!

I hope that everyone had a really good Thanksgiving, even if your beans left you like mine left me. Mom took the puter with her when she went to my Mimi's house, so I couldn't even blog the whole stinkin' time she was gone.

They left Wednesday mornin' and didn't come back til Saturday night. When they got here on Saturday I wouldn't even let her pet me! I meowed and meowed really loud, and stayed just out of arm's length so she couldn't touch me. She had to be punished for leaving me, don't you agree?

So anyway, now I have forgiven her but she still feels guilty for leavin' me, so I'm gettin' lots of petting and cuddlin'. I'm also helpin' her out. She had a "To Do" List this mornin', and she told me that she had to do the things on the list and we couldn't play til she was done. So I figured, if I got rid of the list she'd be done!!!


Mommy loves me

Hey y'all, my Mommy loves me. I know she does cause I read about it in her entry in Skeezix's new contest. You can read it too! Just click on this neat-o badge and it'll take you to my page. Then you can vote for me if you want! Thanks!


My Woofies

Here's my brother Max (wif the blue sweatshirt) and my sister Coco (wif the red sweatshirt) havin a nap. They were lyin' outside in the sunshine in the spot where my Daddy puts the leaves that he catches in his lawn mower. They like to lie in that spot. I think Max's nose musta been cold, cause he's got it tucked under the leaves! You can click on the picture if you wanna see it big. Looked to me like they were nappin' real good, and I wanted to go out and join 'em, but Mommy said I had to have my nap inside.


I'm watchin' yoo

I'll git yoo, my pretties...



This couch is mine. I don't really want to share it. I think maybe you could find another place to sit.

In response to Latte's comment I would like to say that the above statement really only applies to beans. Kitties are welcome to teleport over and snuggle with me on my couch. There's plenty of room! And Mom. She can probably snuggle too.



Whaddya mean, cats don't eat leftover Halloween candy?


Birdie Watchin'

Here I am, lookin' out my favfurrite window, watchin' birdies. As you can see, there is a bush right outside.

I know it's hard to see, but this is the best shot Mom could get. If you look closely, you can see the birdie in this picture. Close to the middle of the pickshur, just above the window sill, you can see the outline of my birdie.



So Mom has discuvered one of my fafurite birdie watchin' spots. I'm not supposed to be up there, so I only do it durin' the day when nobody's home. But now she knows...


Thursday Thirteen, #4

Thirteen Things about Merlin's Measurements
Thanks to Skeezix for this idea

  1. I weigh 15 pounds.
  2. I have some clothes, but it's hard to find shirts that fit me. They don't give me enough room between my front paws usually. Said area is 6 inches across
  3. My tail is 12 inches long from base to tip.
  4. I am 34 inches long when I stretch alllll the way out, from front paws to back paws.
  5. My chest is 17 inches around.
  6. From my chin to my privates is 19 inches.
  7. My neck is 9 inches around.
  8. My belly is 19 inches.
  9. My ears are 2 and a half inches long.
  10. My longest whisker is 3 and a half inches long
  11. My biggest back toe is one inch long.
  12. My front paws are like 10 inches long (this is an approcksimashun, cuz I wuz tired of bein' mayshured.)
  13. There will be no 13. See #12.



We have some kitties in desperate need of help NOW.
Grr, Midnight & Cocoa have posted information about abandoned kitties living outdoors in Rhode Island. They are being fed by Danielle, Spot & Jake's Mommie.

These kitties are going to be "removed" (???) any day now. Read the details in Please Help These Kitties and Ferals in Need, Too. bRemember how many of our fellow blogging cats were once in the same situation. If you can help in anyway, please contact Karen C.


You weren't readin' that, were ya Mom?


Dona Nobis Pacem

Peace for me? is sleepin' without worryin' 'bout things. I know that when I wake up my Mommy and Daddy will love me, and feed me, and keep me warm and dry. I have my window to look out, and I have treats and snacks and toys. Efurrycat and efurrybean in the whole wide world should be able to sleep without worryin'.

I don't know why beans can't get along with each other. All of us kitties of different kinds are friends: Meezers and Tabbies and Tortis and Gingers and efurrycat! Look, if I can be friends with woofies (see proof below), then beans that look different or pray different or think different or have different lookin' families from each other, they should be able to be friends too. Or at least be polite! It's furry rude to not respect somecat just because he or she is diff'rent.

Click here to get your own Peace Globe.
Copy it/sign it/post it TODAY.

And Mommy says DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!
It only took her four minutes.


Fev-vers! Fev-vers!

I got a new toy! It's a fev-ver stick! I like it! See?

I also like Mommy bein' home with me. We're havin' fun. Max likes it too, we been hangin' out together.

Mom and I are mentioned on Mimi Writes today. It's all about Cat Bloggers! Check it out and join us tomorrow and Blog for Peace.



Things is furry strange 'round here. My Mommy didn't go to work today... Last night when she got home from work, she was sad and her face was wet and she drank from lots of those brown bottles. Today though she's just hangin out with me! I like it! She's pettin me and givin me lots of rubs and pets, and she says she loves me alot. She also said she'd be home with me for a while! And she's not goin' back to her job! I like that, I like it when she's home with me, it's so much better than bein' alone. But she seems kinda sad 'bout it, I dunno why. Daddy was extra nice to Mommy, but he seems kinda sad too. I dunno what's goin' on but I'm givin extra snugglin' to Mommy.


New Montage

My Mommy is learning how to do stuff on her puter, so she and I put together this little montage. I'm nowhere near the filmmaker that Skeezix is, but I'm working on it! Enjoy...

p.s. Daphne, be sure to watch all the way to the credits at the end! ;)


Wednesday Stuff

Hey, Tiggy is in StuffOnMyCat.com's Halloween Contest, so vote for her! Voting ends tonight! Go Vote for Tiggy!

If you don't mind, could you also vote for me for Coolest Cat at Catster? I'm a late entry, cause my Mom is sooo slow. Thank you. You can click on the icon below, and also you can vote for my woofie brother Max too, there's a link at the bottom of my page.

And since other cats have posted some purrty trees from their neighborhoods, here's one that lives at the end of my street. My Mom took it this mornin' it was kinda foggy.


New Montage

Actin' Weird

Mom says I been actin' weird. Last night, she was sittin' on the couch, typing mctypey-pants on her laptop 'puter. I jumped on the couch and climbed up on her chest (the best I could) and curled up and purred. She was surprised. If she puts me up there, I'll stay, but I've never ever jumped up there on my own! She tried to keep typin', but I put the bitey on her and stuff til she quit that and stayed still. I don't know why I'm bein' so cuddly lately. Maybe it's cause it's gettin' cooler outside? I dunno. She doesn't know either, but she seems to like it.

So, here's my tummy. I was in the middle of wrestlin' and Mom stopped to take a picture.

Tummy Tuesday's founder.
More Tummy Tuesday!



I got to finish Mommy's dinner. Well, really, I just got to lick the dish. It was yummy. There was somethin' called Hamburger Helper in it. I liked it a lot. I am not supposed to be on the coffee table, and if Daddy was home I wouldn't even have gotten up there... but he wasn't. ;)


Hangin' Out

So last night, Mom put the stroller next to the couch again. So I could just walk right into it. I liked it! I hung out in there and even had a nap. It has been rainy for the past few days, so we couldn't go out, but Mom thought maybe it was better this way. I can get used to it and stuff. I like bein' in there cause I can see efurrything even though I'm closed in! And Mommy made a cushy soft bed in there. I might just start usin' it as my nap spot!


Thursday Thirteen, #3

Thirteen Things about Merlin

  1. I've never had stinky goodness.
  2. If Mom throws a toy I will fetch it and return it to her, dropping it at her feet. I will do this as many times as Mom will.
  3. I don't meow a lot. Only if I have important stuff to tell.
  4. At night I like to go to the upstairs bedroom that is directly over Mom and Dad's bedroom and jump from the windows or bed to the floor over and over. I'm heavy and it makes a loud noise.
  5. I weigh 15 pounds. Last we checked.
  6. My Dad named me Merlin cause he wanted a name that starts with an M because I have an M on my forehead. He says I'm Magical Merlin.
  7. Cause my name is Magical Merlin, that's why I wear purple softpaws and a purple collar. If I'm not wearing some other color for a holiday or something.
  8. Right now I have on orange and black softpaws for Halloween.
  9. I hide from Dad alot. As soon as he leaves the house, though, I'll come out to hang out with Mom.
  10. He doesn't like it, it hurts his feelins. So sometimes I'll come and rub on him and it makes him happy.
  11. Lately I've been extra affectionate. Must be the weather.
  12. I've learned about lots of stuff from other cats' blogs like: stinky goodness, boxes, clothes, strollers, climby furniture...
  13. This is what I look like. See my Halloween softpaws? (click to biggify)

Re: softpaws (from Merlin's Mom). Merlin doesn't love getting the softpaws on, but it's not too awful. Usually, his Dad will hold him and I will do the gluing, etc., but I have done it alone also. We started this when Merlin was about 10 weeks old, so he is used to it. We gave it a try because I didn't want to get Merlin declawed but his dad was worried about our furniture, our hardwood floors, and our skin! It's not much trouble and it has saved all three of those things. They last for maybe six weeks, I guess? They fall off when the claws do (which they do naturally anyway) so they don't all fall off at the same time, and so other than the very first application, you don't have to do them all at once and he only has to be still long enough for me to glue a few. I have purchased them from two places, they have different color choices so you might want to check both before you choose. If you have any other questions, feel free to email Merlin or post another comment.

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