We're here!


Hi Innernets! Don't worry about us, we're still around. There's a lot of stuff goin' on at our house and Mom's been real busy and she hasn't let us use the computer.


There are TWO boxes in the kitchen that I'm pretty sure are for US so hopefully we'll get to open them soon. Mom says that since I pooped in the wrong place for three straight days we have to wait to get what's in the packages. So I'm on day number two of NOT pooping in the wrong place. Hopefully we'll have stuff to tell about very soon!


Sun nap

Since everybody really liked the picture of me sleepin' in the sun (middle pic in previous post) here's some more. Mommy was playin' with her camera's buttons and tryin' to take pictures from different spots. Click to biggify, if you wanna.



Hi! It's me, Dobby. Well the guests did finally leave. Mommy tried to tell me that the people visiting us DO like kitties, but I didn't want to find out. So after the guests went to bed I would come out and snuggle with Mommy and Daddy and get as much attention as I could, then I would hide again the mornings. But after they left, we enjoyed our Sunday afternoon and got some good sleep, knowing all was right with the world.




So Mommy said we were having "guests." I don't know what that means, but it sounded fine. What I found out is, GUESTS ARE STRANGERS that come to your house AND DON'T GO AWAY! They were here at dinner last night, which I didn't like, but figured it'd be okay, cause there are lots of times strangers here at dinner time, but they leave. Last night I slept on Mommy and Daddy's bed with them just like normal, and everything was fine, but then I woke up this morning and realized THESE STRANGERS ARE STILL HERE. I don't like it. NOT AT ALL.


Dona Nobis Pacem



True Confessions

We were both tagged by Ariel and Mr. Hendrix to tell our True Confessions...

1. I don't really know what to confess because I never do anything wrong.
2. Or at least if I do, nobody knows about it, so there's no way I'm confessing it now.
3. I will say that despite my manliness, I do get startled sometimes and have to run and hide under the couch.
4. Also, I am really glad that my whiskers are growing back, even though I pretend it's no big deal.
5. I really like Dobby, even though I sometimes pretend he's a pest.

1. I like to chew whiskers. :)
2. I really like it when Mommy kisses the white spot on my belly, even though I pretend to hate it.
3. I can sneak up and sleep on the bed with Mommy and Daddy and Daddy doesn't even notice.
4. Sometimes I get on the kitchen counter, just to see what's up there.
5. When Merlin hides under the couch, sometimes I hide too, even if I'm not really scared.

By request, I tag Meankitty for this one.


Here we are!

Don't worry about us, we're fine. Mom and Dad went on baycayshun and took the computer, which... RUDE! Anyway, here we are hangin' out at home. I know we have some memes to catch up on, we'll get busy soon!