True Confessions

We were both tagged by Ariel and Mr. Hendrix to tell our True Confessions...

1. I don't really know what to confess because I never do anything wrong.
2. Or at least if I do, nobody knows about it, so there's no way I'm confessing it now.
3. I will say that despite my manliness, I do get startled sometimes and have to run and hide under the couch.
4. Also, I am really glad that my whiskers are growing back, even though I pretend it's no big deal.
5. I really like Dobby, even though I sometimes pretend he's a pest.

1. I like to chew whiskers. :)
2. I really like it when Mommy kisses the white spot on my belly, even though I pretend to hate it.
3. I can sneak up and sleep on the bed with Mommy and Daddy and Daddy doesn't even notice.
4. Sometimes I get on the kitchen counter, just to see what's up there.
5. When Merlin hides under the couch, sometimes I hide too, even if I'm not really scared.

By request, I tag Meankitty for this one.

11 Meows:

Cat Blog Fan meowed...

I love your site. I'm also a fan of Meankitty's blog as well http://meankittybox.blogspot.com/. Can you tag her? I'd love to hear her confessions.

Anonymous meowed...

Merlin and Dobby...Can't wait to hear more confessions...

Parker meowed...

I am so glad those whiskers are coming back!

Lux meowed...

I *thought your whiskers might be growing back, Merlin ... maybe Dobby will outgrow that in time.

It's cute that you both get along so well, and even hide together.

Meankitty Says... meowed...




Karen Jo meowed...

I am very happy that your whiskers are growing back, Merlin. I hope Dobby doesn't chew them off again. Good job on sneaking into bed with Mom and Dad, Dobby.

Daisy meowed...

Dobby, I go on the kitchen counter all the time!

The Meezers meowed...

i hafn't tried chewing whiskers. I fink Sammy would eat my head if I did it to him. - Miles

Phoebe meowed...

Those were good confessions. Merlin you are kind of like Monica - you don't do anything wrong.

Anonymous meowed...

Great confessions you two thanks for playing.

Name: Mr. Hendrix meowed...

Great confessions. I'm glad you're both back. I'm glad you're whiskers are growing back Merlin. BTW I hide by mommy (between her feets, under her arm) when I get scared. No worries.
Dobby, it is very smart to hide when Merlin does just in case he knows something you don't. Also, kitchen counters are where the stinky goodness is prepared. It is only smart to explore them completely.

Wow you sound like awfully good kitties.