Dobby saw this on YouTube and now he wants piano lessons.



Y'all, I don't know what's up with Dobby and his obsession with being Handsome. Cause you know that all Mom says about him is "oh how cute!" "Look how cute he is." "Could he BE any cuter?"

Seriously, it's really annoying. Just look at this. He's just laying there, he's not doing ANYTHING, and she was all, "oh, what a sweet baby. I have to take your picture!"



Get well Lilly Lu!

The image of Lilly Lu was created by Daisy, who did a Thursday Thirteen for Lilly Lu today, and she says you can use it on your blog if you want!


For Bear


We never got to meet you in purrson, but we always thought you were a super-cool woofie. We know that KC and Missy thought so.

We will miss you. We will see you again someday, so have fun while you wait for us...

Merlin, Dobby, Mom, Max and Coco.




Merlin says that there can be no napping until we're BOTH clean.
But I was really really sleepy. So I had to help him out cause he was taking too long.

Gotta get this spot up by his ear...

There.... that oughta do it.




Mommy says that Merlin is furry handsome. It's true. After all, he is a big man cat. Look, see?

I wanna be handsome too! Here are my attempts at handsome-ness. Whaddya think?


Sunday Stuff

Bring that tail back this way... I'm gonna catch it this time!

Hey... where'd you go?

Mom, you didn't really think you were going to read this newspaper, did you?


5 Reasons

We got tagged by our friends Iris and Lily, and Pablo, for this fun meme!

Five Reasons I blog, by Dobby:

1. Cause I like to keep in touch with my first Mom, my sister, and the 2 Bs.
2. Cause Merlin does it and I wanna be just like him.
3. Cause I am furry sociable and I like to meet new kitties and beans.
4. Cause Mom thinks it's cute, and I do whatever I can to make Mom think I'm cute. ;)
5. Cause it's fun!

Five Reasons I blog, by Merlin:

1. Because I am stuck in this house with my little bro all day, and I need some escape.
2. Because I have to keep connected with my girlfriend, Daphne!
3. Because ever since I started this blog, I've met lots of new and wonderful kitty friends.
4. Because I'm online anyway, surfin' the net and stuff.
5. Because I am a Big Man Cat and that is what we do!

We tag anyone who hasn't played yet!