5 Reasons

We got tagged by our friends Iris and Lily, and Pablo, for this fun meme!

Five Reasons I blog, by Dobby:

1. Cause I like to keep in touch with my first Mom, my sister, and the 2 Bs.
2. Cause Merlin does it and I wanna be just like him.
3. Cause I am furry sociable and I like to meet new kitties and beans.
4. Cause Mom thinks it's cute, and I do whatever I can to make Mom think I'm cute. ;)
5. Cause it's fun!

Five Reasons I blog, by Merlin:

1. Because I am stuck in this house with my little bro all day, and I need some escape.
2. Because I have to keep connected with my girlfriend, Daphne!
3. Because ever since I started this blog, I've met lots of new and wonderful kitty friends.
4. Because I'm online anyway, surfin' the net and stuff.
5. Because I am a Big Man Cat and that is what we do!

We tag anyone who hasn't played yet!

8 Meows:

DaisyMae Maus meowed...

Merlin and Dobby:
Those are furry good reasons to blog and I, for one, am glad that you both are bloggin' cats!

One of us meowed...

Exxxxxcellent bloggin reasons ~Poiland Tribe

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) meowed...

furry good blogging reasons guys!

smiles, auntie bee

Pablo meowed...

Great answers, guys! Glad you're bloggers, too!

Karen Jo meowed...

You both have very good reasons for blogging. I'm glad that both of you blog because I like to read about you.

The Meezers meowed...

those is furry good reasons!

muffinmidi meowed...

I'm glad you both blog. Dobby is cute, but you, Merlin, are growing into an extremely regal Man Cat. I can tell you patrol your territory very well.

Morgen meowed...

Hi sweetie,
we finally got our 5 reasons up...
~ Not The Mama & Daphne