New Montage

Actin' Weird

Mom says I been actin' weird. Last night, she was sittin' on the couch, typing mctypey-pants on her laptop 'puter. I jumped on the couch and climbed up on her chest (the best I could) and curled up and purred. She was surprised. If she puts me up there, I'll stay, but I've never ever jumped up there on my own! She tried to keep typin', but I put the bitey on her and stuff til she quit that and stayed still. I don't know why I'm bein' so cuddly lately. Maybe it's cause it's gettin' cooler outside? I dunno. She doesn't know either, but she seems to like it.

So, here's my tummy. I was in the middle of wrestlin' and Mom stopped to take a picture.

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I got to finish Mommy's dinner. Well, really, I just got to lick the dish. It was yummy. There was somethin' called Hamburger Helper in it. I liked it a lot. I am not supposed to be on the coffee table, and if Daddy was home I wouldn't even have gotten up there... but he wasn't. ;)


Hangin' Out

So last night, Mom put the stroller next to the couch again. So I could just walk right into it. I liked it! I hung out in there and even had a nap. It has been rainy for the past few days, so we couldn't go out, but Mom thought maybe it was better this way. I can get used to it and stuff. I like bein' in there cause I can see efurrything even though I'm closed in! And Mommy made a cushy soft bed in there. I might just start usin' it as my nap spot!


Thursday Thirteen, #3

Thirteen Things about Merlin

  1. I've never had stinky goodness.
  2. If Mom throws a toy I will fetch it and return it to her, dropping it at her feet. I will do this as many times as Mom will.
  3. I don't meow a lot. Only if I have important stuff to tell.
  4. At night I like to go to the upstairs bedroom that is directly over Mom and Dad's bedroom and jump from the windows or bed to the floor over and over. I'm heavy and it makes a loud noise.
  5. I weigh 15 pounds. Last we checked.
  6. My Dad named me Merlin cause he wanted a name that starts with an M because I have an M on my forehead. He says I'm Magical Merlin.
  7. Cause my name is Magical Merlin, that's why I wear purple softpaws and a purple collar. If I'm not wearing some other color for a holiday or something.
  8. Right now I have on orange and black softpaws for Halloween.
  9. I hide from Dad alot. As soon as he leaves the house, though, I'll come out to hang out with Mom.
  10. He doesn't like it, it hurts his feelins. So sometimes I'll come and rub on him and it makes him happy.
  11. Lately I've been extra affectionate. Must be the weather.
  12. I've learned about lots of stuff from other cats' blogs like: stinky goodness, boxes, clothes, strollers, climby furniture...
  13. This is what I look like. See my Halloween softpaws? (click to biggify)

Re: softpaws (from Merlin's Mom). Merlin doesn't love getting the softpaws on, but it's not too awful. Usually, his Dad will hold him and I will do the gluing, etc., but I have done it alone also. We started this when Merlin was about 10 weeks old, so he is used to it. We gave it a try because I didn't want to get Merlin declawed but his dad was worried about our furniture, our hardwood floors, and our skin! It's not much trouble and it has saved all three of those things. They last for maybe six weeks, I guess? They fall off when the claws do (which they do naturally anyway) so they don't all fall off at the same time, and so other than the very first application, you don't have to do them all at once and he only has to be still long enough for me to glue a few. I have purchased them from two places, they have different color choices so you might want to check both before you choose. If you have any other questions, feel free to email Merlin or post another comment.

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I did it!

So my Mommy left the stroller in the livin' room while she was gone to work, and I hung out in there some, so I was gettin' used to it. But I was still nervous when she zipped it closed. But, I did it! I went for a ride. Here's some things that I saw.

Here's some flowers outside the front door of my house. They smelled interesting.

So then I saw some trees and birds and lots of stuff.

We went to this park (sorry it's kinda dark, the sun was goin' down).

This crazy squirrel was SCREAMIN' at me. Really! Screamin!
Click to biggify if you can't see him. He's got beady eyes. I think he must be in cahoots with the vishus deer. He was really loud. I didn't like him at all.

Then we crossed the Busy Street of Death and and went back home.

I was glad to be home. I was furry sleepy, and I needed a nap.

But it wasn't too bad, really. I liked the smells alot. I liked to ride backwards in the stroller and look back at Mommy and the places behind us. Also, I liked it when Mommy would talk to me and tell me efurrything was okay. I didn't like the loud cars on the Busy Street of Death. And I didn't like that squirrel. At all.



Okay, so here's what happened. The big brown truck didn't get to our house last night until Mom and Dad were already eatin' dinner and it was dark outside. But Mom let me sit in the stroller in the livin' room, and she promised we'd go for a walk tonight! But I gotta tell ya, I'm not sure about it yet. She put me in there and zipped it up closed, and I got real nervous. As soon as she opened it I ran to my hidey place. She said I'll get used to it though, and I'll really like it. You think I will? Here's a picture.


New Clothes

I got new clothes this weekend! My Mom got me this tewtelly kewl jean jacket. Don't I look awesome?

Also, cause it was Homecoming at her college, my Mom got me this University of Memphis sweatshirt. Here I am wearing it while we were watchin' feetsball.

I'm real excited about it cause Max got one too. We're like twinkies. Mom got one for Coco, too, but it didn't fit her. She's bigger than she looks, I guess.

And you know what else? The Big Brown Truck is supposed to bring my stroller today. I am so pumped! It's a pretty day and Mom says we can go out in it right away! I will post pictures tomorrow.


Busy Night

I was furry busy last night. I had to inspect efurry-thing! The dogs were inside acause it was cold and rainy, and there was this towel on the floor in the kitchen. Now, I know that towels are not normally on the floor in the kitchen, so I had to check it out. (You can click to biggify any of these pictures if you wanna)

Then I had to see what was happenin' outside this window.
I get a better view if I stand on the coffee table.

Then I needed to know what was in the dogs' food bowls.

Then I wanted a better view of the dogs and the kitchen, so I jumped up on the counter. Mom made me get down, but she tooked a picture first (Coco's all covered up 'cause she was cold).

Then I needed to be in this drawer.
This is where Mom usually puts Fishie. I wanted IN THERE!

Then I was plumb tuckered out so I needed a bath.
See how I extend that one toe straight up? Like when Mom holds her pinkie up when she drinks? My Mom loves that.

Then? Since all was inspected and approved, it was naptime.

After that, I went and got on Dad's chest and snuggled and napped there. It was nice. But we didn't take some pictures of that.

Come see who's aboard the Friday Ark!


Thursday Thirteen, #2

Thirteen Things I do efurry day
  1. I have a little breakfast. Iam's hairball control.
  2. I wait at the bedroom door for Mom to open it when she wakes up so I can get my tummy rubbed
  3. I follow Mom around while she gets ready, rubbin' on her ankles or tumpin' over for more tummy rubs
  4. I sit in open windows and watch Max and Coco dig holes in the yard
  5. I watch Mom yell at Max and Coco for diggin'
  6. I keep an eye on the Creature while he wanders around the house
  7. I think about Daphne.
  8. I wait for Mom to come home so I can get more tummy rubs.
  9. I hide if Daddy comes home first.
  10. I fetch Fishie when Mom throws him.
  11. I take a nap in the middle of Max's bed.
  12. I have a little dinner
  13. I search for something noisy to play with after Mom's asleep.

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Timing is Everything

So last night, 'round midnight or so, I got Fishie out. Usually, after we're done playing with him, Mom puts Fishie away somewhere so she can always find him when we want to play. But last night, while we were playin', I tucked him away in a secret place and she didn't know where he was. So anyway, 'round midnight, I pulled him out of his hidey place and played and played.

See the thing is, Fishie has a little bell on his nose. It's not a big bell, but it's just big enough! Mom got outta bed and came to find me and picked up Fishie and put him away. But she said I could play with him again tonight.

Also, my Mom found an old camera that she thought was lost, and she's soooo excited 'cause she says they make better pictures than the one she's been usin'. Somethin' about mega-picnics.

See, even Fishie looks better!


Tabby & Tummy Tuesday

I was not in the mood to have my tummy photographed today. So I'm pullin' out this old picture of my tummy when I was a kitten. I know it's not a direct tummy shot, but it's all I got. That's my Daddy, holdin' me and scratchin' my head. ;)

I'm gonna copy Max at PsychoKitty and try to make my link list a little shorter, cause my Mom is weird and gets all freaked out with too much stuff in my sidebar. Is that okay with efurry-kitty? The list will show updated links at the top and the others randomly. And if you want, you can refresh the page and get a new set of links, isn't that kewl? And my WHOLE list is available on another page.

Oh, please check the full list and make sure you see your blog there. My Mom keeps changing her mind about blogrolling, and I'm afraid some of you might be lost in the transition, and that would make me furry sad.


OMG! Look!

Y'all! OMG! Look what I'm getting!

My Mommy said she bid on it on Ebay just fer fun, she didn't think she'd really win it! But SHE DID! And now I GET A STROLLER!

Mom says Dad is gonna FREAK OUT! But I don't care, cause I'm gettin' a STROLLER!

OMG! OMG! I've never even been outside before! I can't wait! OMG! OMG!


Costume Contest

I entered Skeezix's costume contest! You can click on the button above to go to my entry. You can vote for me, Catzilla Merlin! Or you could vote for somebody else, if you wanted, I guess.

All Cat's Day

It's All Cat's Day!

Everybody give lots of snuggles and purrs to the cats you know today.

Though I agree with Luxor, I thought every day was Cat's Day...

Thanks to Kimo & Sabi for the awesome graphic... It's really kewl.



Anybody know anything about this stuff? My Mom's been puttin' it on my food to help me have a nice shiny coat and to help with shedding. But I'm not sure I like the way it tastes, and I'm not eating as much of my food as I used to. Has anyone else tried it? I'm wonderin' if I'll ever start to like it or if I should tell Mom to just throw it out.

It does make my coat feel softer, but not sure how well it works on the sheddin'.

Oh, and I wanted to update everyone on the Creature. My Dad's been home from work this week so I decided it was safe to take a chance. I have watched and followed the Creature around the house for 3 straight days now. It just wanders around! It bumps into things! I don't understand why... it doesn't seem to be looking for food, or the litter box, but it does go back to its bed and sleep for a whole day after it's done with its exploring. How very strange...


Special Occasion

Last night, it must have been a special occasion because Mom brought out the most wonderful goodness ever created: Pancho's Cheese Dip.

She lets me lick it off her finger. It's soooo good.

But she wouldn't share her drink with me. I don't know why, I thought that was furry rude.

Oh, and Mom says that she's mad at Blogrolling or somethin', so she's going to be redoing my link list. If you don't see your name on there in the next coupla days be sure and mention it in a comment. I don't wanna lose any linkies to my friends!


Tummy & T-3 Tuesday

I was gettin some tummy rubs from Daddy when Mom took this picture.
T-3 Tuesday is for Tortis, Tabbis, Tuxies.
Maybe we should call it T-4 Tuesday for
Tummies, Tortis, Tabbies, and Tuxies!

Other T3s: Missy, KC & Bear, Catzee, DaisyMae Maus, Mrs. B.,
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Pimp Name

You know, I don't really know what a pimp is, but Zeus and Skeezix both got pimp names, so I wanted one too! I went here to get one. I also learned How to Be a Pimp and read all about the Pimp of the Month. His name's Nelly, which I thought was a girl's name, but I guess not. It's a really kewl website.

But anyway, my pimp name is....

Stealth Maestro Merlin Sweetness


New Friend

I got a new toy this weekend! Fishie is still my favorite of course. But this is Ricky Rodent. He makes a nice rattling sound, and guess what's inside him? The Nip.

I checked him out first, to make sure he passed the smell test.

Then I moved in for the attack.

I got him from the right!

I got him from the left!

He was a lot of fun. Especially later that night when Mom and Dad were in bed tryin' to sleep. That rattlin' sound is pretty loud. ;)


Hidey spot

I thought I'd show another of my favorite hidey spots. This is one of those places where, as my Mom says, I hide "in plain sight." If I am furry furry still, the beans won't notice I am there. It is a good spot because Mom and Dad are almost always in the room and I can watch them.

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I'm Cat of the Day! I'm Cat of the Day!

Hey y'all! Guess what? I'm Cat of the Day! at Kat's Cat of the Day >^..^<

How awesome is that? I'm so excited! Thank you Kat! Hope it's okay that I'm putting this seal on my blog... Cause I. Am. Cat. of. the. Day.



My Mom says that thanks to the Creature (in Monday's post), Max can come inside more. So he came in last night! We had lots of fun.

I kept him company.

He let me check out one of his bones. They're HIS favorite toys. Mom said I still shouldn't share Fishie with him, though. He can only play with bigger toys, he might eat smaller ones.

After a while, we were both kinda pooped, we had to rest.


Tummy Tuesday

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Uh, Mom?

What in the world is this? Why is it chasing me around the house?

Whatever. I ain't skeered.

12:25pm: Mom says I should be honest. When these pictures were taken, the Creature was not moving or making any noise, so I felt it was safe to investigate. When it does move, I don't stick around to see what happens. I'm not crazy!