Thursday Thirteen, #2

Thirteen Things I do efurry day
  1. I have a little breakfast. Iam's hairball control.
  2. I wait at the bedroom door for Mom to open it when she wakes up so I can get my tummy rubbed
  3. I follow Mom around while she gets ready, rubbin' on her ankles or tumpin' over for more tummy rubs
  4. I sit in open windows and watch Max and Coco dig holes in the yard
  5. I watch Mom yell at Max and Coco for diggin'
  6. I keep an eye on the Creature while he wanders around the house
  7. I think about Daphne.
  8. I wait for Mom to come home so I can get more tummy rubs.
  9. I hide if Daddy comes home first.
  10. I fetch Fishie when Mom throws him.
  11. I take a nap in the middle of Max's bed.
  12. I have a little dinner
  13. I search for something noisy to play with after Mom's asleep.

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14 Meows:

Kaze meowed...

Sounds like a good life! Lots to do, plenty to observe, good places to sleep!

slackermommy meowed...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come play anytime.

amy meowed...

whats up merlin. you should meet sammy and delilah.they are pretty cool

great post

Skeeeeezix the Cat meowed...

Merlin, how did yoo git Daphne as a gerlfrend? I cood use any tips yer willing to share, becuz I'm a big boy now and I think it's time...

Shoshana meowed...

Awww, your cat is cute! I wish hubby doesn't sneeze away in cat's presence, I'd have one too.

Merlin meowed...

Well, Skeezix, I have to be honest here.

Daphne found me! She saw my blog and emailed me. I guess I just gots it like that. ;) My Dad says I got it from him.

But if you're 2 years old now (is that right? That's what your catster profile says) Then you're older than me so yeah, you're old enough, definitely!

Merlin meowed...

Shoshana, do you mean the cat in my TT header?

Cause I don't have a cat.

I AM a cat.

Christina meowed...

My mom needs to start feeding me hairball control food. *Sigh* But she tries. Those human people that live with me always try their best. Sounds like your Mom takes great care of you.

My mom posted a list this week if you feel like looking at it.

Meows and purrs,

Brony meowed...

Maybe I need to learn from observing my cat more.
Happy TT!

DKRaymer meowed...

Great list, Merlin! I also eat Iams (small bites for canines)- sorry, I'm a dog, but I'm cute! I wrote the TT list this week at my mom's blog; stop by and check it out... but don't laugh at my picture. It's humiliating.

Cheysuli meowed...

That's quite a busy day you have Merlin! Glad to see your TT was up!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

bet ya do #7 a whole lot, huh?

Ariel meowed...

Sounds like a wonderful kitty life.Great list.

Chelle Y. meowed...

That's cute! I love kittens!