Pimp Name

You know, I don't really know what a pimp is, but Zeus and Skeezix both got pimp names, so I wanted one too! I went here to get one. I also learned How to Be a Pimp and read all about the Pimp of the Month. His name's Nelly, which I thought was a girl's name, but I guess not. It's a really kewl website.

But anyway, my pimp name is....

Stealth Maestro Merlin Sweetness

3 Meows:

KC meowed...

o, merlin, i want's a pimp name, too. err, i means Stealth Maestro Merlin Sweetness.

anyways, i cames by ta see ya fur T3 Toosday, seein hows u r a tabbie 'n a pimp. tee-hee.

Morgen meowed...

Stealth Maestro Merlin Sweetness:

jus' don' be callin' me yo HO, or I be bustin' a catnip cap in yo sweet ass!

meow for now ~ Daphne

Emma's Kat meowed...

Lol! KC! Can girls be pimps?? This is too funny Merlin! I went to the site and Marley's pimped out name is: Trick Magnet Marley Schmoove! Benji's is: Mack Master Benji Valentine. Going to check out Zeus & Skeezix's pimp names now!