Busy Night

I was furry busy last night. I had to inspect efurry-thing! The dogs were inside acause it was cold and rainy, and there was this towel on the floor in the kitchen. Now, I know that towels are not normally on the floor in the kitchen, so I had to check it out. (You can click to biggify any of these pictures if you wanna)

Then I had to see what was happenin' outside this window.
I get a better view if I stand on the coffee table.

Then I needed to know what was in the dogs' food bowls.

Then I wanted a better view of the dogs and the kitchen, so I jumped up on the counter. Mom made me get down, but she tooked a picture first (Coco's all covered up 'cause she was cold).

Then I needed to be in this drawer.
This is where Mom usually puts Fishie. I wanted IN THERE!

Then I was plumb tuckered out so I needed a bath.
See how I extend that one toe straight up? Like when Mom holds her pinkie up when she drinks? My Mom loves that.

Then? Since all was inspected and approved, it was naptime.

After that, I went and got on Dad's chest and snuggled and napped there. It was nice. But we didn't take some pictures of that.

Come see who's aboard the Friday Ark!

11 Meows:

Gemini meowed...

Oh you are so furry handsome when you are curled up like that!

one of the pierce kitties meowed...

goodness, you were furry bizzy!! it's so nice that your beans let the woofers in when it's nasty outside. we do, too, 'cause our woofies are kitty-friendly. cocoa' a pita, 'cause she's TOO friendly, but xena's great 'cause she doesn't move too much;-)

LOKi meowed...

Merlin, what a busy kitty! I am busy sometimes, but mostly I am a BAAAAD kitty! I might try extending my paws like that and see if a can get extra goo-gaws for being cute.

Cecilia meowed...

Oh, you did have a very busy day. Now you need lots of naps.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty meowed...

After all that investigating, you were probably pooped! Good thing you got to take a nap.

The Taylor CatSSSSS meowed...

Hi Merlin. I came to you bloggie! Goodness you were very busy last night. I like to know what is going on too. I like your pictures!


"It appears that Sassy has her first crush!" Deb

Ariel meowed...

No wonder you were such a tired kitty.I hopes ya got the rosette I sent you on Catster.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

wow! how would they run the house if you took a day off?

Emma's Kat meowed...

You did have a very busy night! Love the toe spread!

Sir Sidney and Emperor Nero meowed...

You must have slept really well after being so busy

Rosie & Cheeto meowed...

Were surprised yoo didnt take a nap aftur each of thowse inspectshuns...yoo must be vary fit!