Thursday Thirteen, #3

Thirteen Things about Merlin

  1. I've never had stinky goodness.
  2. If Mom throws a toy I will fetch it and return it to her, dropping it at her feet. I will do this as many times as Mom will.
  3. I don't meow a lot. Only if I have important stuff to tell.
  4. At night I like to go to the upstairs bedroom that is directly over Mom and Dad's bedroom and jump from the windows or bed to the floor over and over. I'm heavy and it makes a loud noise.
  5. I weigh 15 pounds. Last we checked.
  6. My Dad named me Merlin cause he wanted a name that starts with an M because I have an M on my forehead. He says I'm Magical Merlin.
  7. Cause my name is Magical Merlin, that's why I wear purple softpaws and a purple collar. If I'm not wearing some other color for a holiday or something.
  8. Right now I have on orange and black softpaws for Halloween.
  9. I hide from Dad alot. As soon as he leaves the house, though, I'll come out to hang out with Mom.
  10. He doesn't like it, it hurts his feelins. So sometimes I'll come and rub on him and it makes him happy.
  11. Lately I've been extra affectionate. Must be the weather.
  12. I've learned about lots of stuff from other cats' blogs like: stinky goodness, boxes, clothes, strollers, climby furniture...
  13. This is what I look like. See my Halloween softpaws? (click to biggify)

Re: softpaws (from Merlin's Mom). Merlin doesn't love getting the softpaws on, but it's not too awful. Usually, his Dad will hold him and I will do the gluing, etc., but I have done it alone also. We started this when Merlin was about 10 weeks old, so he is used to it. We gave it a try because I didn't want to get Merlin declawed but his dad was worried about our furniture, our hardwood floors, and our skin! It's not much trouble and it has saved all three of those things. They last for maybe six weeks, I guess? They fall off when the claws do (which they do naturally anyway) so they don't all fall off at the same time, and so other than the very first application, you don't have to do them all at once and he only has to be still long enough for me to glue a few. I have purchased them from two places, they have different color choices so you might want to check both before you choose. If you have any other questions, feel free to email Merlin or post another comment.

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20 Meows:

Daphne meowed...

Hello my handsome Merlin!
Thank you for already having me in your linkies!
I LOVE your orange & black softpaws -- they certainly get me in the Howl-Oweeen mood ...
Not The Mama says I've been extra specially affectionate lately, too -- and HE said it must be the weather!
Wish I was there to cuddle up with you!
Luv~ Daphne
Purrchance To Dream

Threads Of Gold meowed...

How cute you are, Merlin!

Kaze meowed...

Oh Merlin you are SOOOOO handsome! I love that smiley look on your face. I like to play fetch too. Especially when the Lap Lady is eating.

Racy Li meowed...

I LOVE kitties! but sadly DH is allergic. *sniff*

my TT is up!

LOKi meowed...

Beautiful claws! You have a right to be proud of them!

Junior meowed...

Those soft claws look great!

Tracie meowed...

Your soft claws are very cute.....What a stylish cat you are!

Chelle Y. meowed...

Ah, I love kitties! :)

Anonymous meowed...

Dear Merlin,

This is my first time reading your blog. I found you on Kukka-maria's comments. Please have your Mom write some more about the soft paws. I had always thought they would be difficult to put on. Do you stay nice and still for her, or is it a struggle? Does it take 2 people to get them on and how long do they last for?



Kismet meowed...

MERLIN I was always SO confused about you and your blog, because when I click on your name in my comments it just takes me to a profile with no blog. I'm so glad I FINALLY FOUND it!!! I am going to add you to my links this very second!
Paws truly,

Cecilia meowed...

Oh we love your halloween soft paws. But you never had stinky goodness? Now you have to enter our competition. If you win you will get a cube (which we know you want) and we promise to send you some delicious stinky goodness. We don't get stinky goodness often, but at least Meowmie will give it to us sometimes as a treat.

Caylynn meowed...

You are very handsome in your Hallowe'en softpaws Merlin. :) I'm sure purple looks very nice on you too.

Happy TT. :)

Mama Duck meowed...

Just so cute, the ducks even quack at you!! Happy TT!

Cheysuli meowed...

You've NEVER had Stinky Goodness?! Oh Merlin. My heart bleeds for you.

Kukka-Maria meowed...

Thanks for answering my questions about SoftPaws. I'm not declawed (thank goodness...since it's actually like amputating a human's fingers to the first nuckle) and I don't scratch the furniture, but my agent thinks having some brightly-colored tips might make me more glamorous.

As if I would need those... :)

Skeeeeezix the Cat meowed...

I LOVE yer Halloween SoftPaws, Merlin! I mite git sum pink ones. They don't have a problim with me skratching fernitchur and stuff, but win I put my arms around Mr Tasty Face's nek to likk him, he complanes abowt the claws. And I think pink wood just be the bees knees. I LOVE the idea of Holiday themed SoftPaws!

Emma's Kat meowed...

Merlin - First I'd like to say how adorably cute you are!! So handsome you are! Daphne, you're a lucky girl! And secondly, I loved your T13!

Max meowed...

The Woman says she wishes she'd never given me Stinky Goodness becaue it turned me into a furry little feedign machine.

But *I* think all kitties should have Stinky Goodness ON DEMAND! How sad that you've never had it...

Anonymous meowed...

Gosh, you do have a perfect M on your forehead so your name is just right. Don't feel bad...we don't get stinky goodness in this family either!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty
The Crew

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

the Lady wuz gonna get me the soft paws an then she got sick an couldn't get up an i thought she'd furget but now she's better an she 'members an i bet she's gonna try. good luck to her, i say, cause she can't effun cut my claws. i do this twisty flippy corkscrew flinging of my furry self inta the air an out of her hands efurry time.