Man Cat Monday

I know I just posted this picture the other day, but I'm using it for Man Cat Monday. You can learn about Man Cat Monday from Kismet, the original Man Cat. My Momma actually took a new picture to use, but she forgot to put it on the computer and so I have to reuse this one. But I'll just use that new one later. Anyway. I really like this picture because I think I look furry thoughtful. Like I'm thinkin' about important Man Cat Stuff.


Maybe One Bed is Enough

As long as Dobby doesn't grow anymore and doesn't expect to breathe freely. --Mom



So Mom took Dobby's blankie out of the cat bed so there was more room for me. See how much better I fit now?

Since my tongue has been hurting (it is getting better), I've not been doing as good as job at cleaning myself as I would normally do. But my little bro was helpin' me out with that. Mom got a video of it. She says it's kinda hard to see, because there wasn't much light, but she thought it was "too cute" not to share. So here it is.


Camera Day

Mommy had the camera out today. Dobby and I were checking out the sunshine on the floor... Here's a picture of us together, then one of each of us. I'm the big one. ;)



So, the kid brought some stuff with him when he came to live here with us. One of those things was this cat cup bed thingy. Now, I've never been interested in a cat bed. My mom had one for me when I was a kid, but I didn't sleep in it, so she put it away.

But he made it look so cozy. I had to check it out. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

Go see Bubbles & Mrs. B's blog to learn more about this most wonderful bed!


Question from Mom

Hi! Thanks everybody for sending good purrs for Merlin to feel better. I'm sure he'll back to normal soon.

I have a question for cats from multi-cat households. I knew that Merlin would want to eat Dobby's kitten food, and I have put up a gate to that room that Dobby can scoot under, but Merlin can't. So Dobby's food is safe from Merlin. But...

Dobby wants to eat Merlin's food. Every time I see him eating Merlin's food, I pick him up and take him to his own bowl. Is there any other suggestion? Is it BAD for Dobby to eat grown up cat food? Anywhere Merlin can get, Dobby can too, so I don't know how I could keep it away from Dobby but still keep it where Merlin can eat.

Any ideas? Dobby doesn't eat that much of it, and he eats plenty of his kitten food. Should I just continue what I'm doing?


Well. I had to go to the V-E-T this morning. I'm home now. I'm going to take a nap, but I wanted to let everybody know I was okay.

Boy I was mad! First, I fought Mom like crazy when she tried to put me in the carrier. Then I YELLED AT HER all the way to the vet.

When we got there and we were sittin' in the lobby waitin', I met another kitty named Sissy. She was mad, too. There was also a Meezer kitty that apparently lives at the vet. Can you imagine? Living there? Wouldn't that be strange.

So next they took me back to the little room and weighed me. 15.5 pounds. Perfect.

Then they took my temperature and YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. I was displeased to say the least. I had a little bit of a fever, too. Then they looked in my mouth. I have an ulcer on my tongue. I knew that all along, but you know how beans are. The VET lady said that it could come from licking some sort of chemical (like cleaning solution or something) or maybe I bit my tongue real good and it just got worse. I know which it is, but I'm not telling. Mom has been searching the house for chemicals that I could have found.

Anyway, they also TOOK MY BLOOD AWAY (don't I need that?) to make sure the ulcer wasn't caused by some sort of kidney or liver problem. Nope! I'm all good in that department. So I got some antibiotics and they let me go home. I have to take the medicines for a week and go back.

Dobby was makin' fun of me that I have to go back, but what he doesn't know is he has to go with me. It's gettin' to be that time for you know what, but he doesn't know what! Ha! Say bye bye to those man-parts, kid.

I'm off to nap and stuff. Talk to y'all later. Here's a picture showin' how mad I was to be in my carrier. I tried to climb as far into the corner as I could.

Updated to say: THIS IS MY 100th POST! YAY!!!


Not feelin' good

I'm not feelin' good. Mommy says if I don't feel better by tomorrow mornin' I have to go to the V-E-T. So I'll just have to feel better. I've got too much spit! I made a drool puddle when I slept. And when I'm awake, I smack my lips some. Also I'm sleepin' alot. But I am still purrin' and followin' Mom around and floppin' on the floor for belly rubs. And I'm still playin' with Dobby too. Mom's worried about me.

Here's a picture of Dobby. He's always bein' cute and gettin' his picture taken. Mom took this one with her cell phone.



Me and my new brother Dobby have been busy. Sorry we haven't updated much, we've been really tired. But here we are, look how much alike we look! Mom was tryin' to catch us sleepin' together, but we heard her coming and sat up.

Here's Dobby thinkin' about bloggin. He's not sure he's ready for that yet, but he's gettin' ready.

Mom says to let you know that she is gettin' more snugglin' now. We finally started restin' from the playin'.

I like my brother so far! He chases me, and I chase him. The only problem is when I eat his food, Mom says it's for Dobby, it's not for me. But he eats MY food!!!! When Mom sees him do it, she takes him to his own food, but he sneaks back to my dish. Dude, what's up with that? Also, sometimes when I'm eating or drinkin', he'll try to attack my tail. That's uncool, cause I'm busy and I can't put the smackdown on him right then.

But, I guess he's pretty fun to have around. I have someone to keep me company while Mom's not home AND he plays with me at night while Mom & Dad are sleepin'. That's fun, too.


Poor Mom

Merlin's Mom here again.

I'm feeling neglected so I thought I'd post. Merlin and Dobby don't have much interest in me anymore. They're too busy playing for much attention for Mom.

Dobby has been released from his room, and the two cats are exploring the whole house together. Late at night. Quite noisily. We could hear them in the upstairs bedroom (which is right over our bedroom) pouncing around in the wee hours.

And this morning I did get a little snuggle time, but mostly the kitties had kitty business to attend to.

I will try to post some pictures soon, if they will stop running for long enough. I seriously did not know Merlin could move that quickly! He's not going to catch Dobby, though, that little kitten has some serious speed.


At last, we meet...

Okay, guys, this is Merlin's Mom.

Merlin is busy with Dobby right now.

Tonight when I got home from work I went to Dobby's room to say hello and give him some love. I let Merlin follow me in, to see what would happen. He came in behind me, and just started sniffing EVERYTHING. They saw each other and just looked at each other. NO HISSING AT ALL! Dobby was just eating, and coming to me for rubs, and frolicking around.

Then they started checking each other out. Merlin was just watching, and would occasionally approach Dobby, but not much was happening.

Then they started playing!

Dobby took cover under this robe-draped chair, and they were swatting at each other. It made me nervous for Dobby, so I called Merlin off... And what happened? Dobby chased after him!

At least I hope they're playing. There are no puffy tails involved, and Merlin will occasionally just flop down on his side (in his chilled out posture). Dobby has hissed a couple times and had his ears flat, but if Merlin leaves him, Dobby just chases after him. I tried to pick Dobby up and out of the fray, but he just squirms to get away and back after Merlin (after he licks my face a little).

What do you cats think? Is everything okay here? Should I limit this? I won't let them hang out unsupervised, and I don't want to interrupt playtime, but I don't want either of them to be uncomfortable...


Mom and I have decided that it will be appropriate, when the time comes, to SHARE my blog with Dobby, rather than him having his own.

Therefore, we will need to consider a change of Blog name. Does anycat have a suggestion? Merlin & Dobby's Meows just doesn't have quite the same ring to it. I could keep the same name and just let Dobby chime in sometimes... Whaddya think?

Also, I have added a link to Dobby's brand new Catster profile in my sidebar.

More updates soon!


I Met Him!

So, I met my brother Dobby! He was sleeping and I went up to him and sniffed him and checked him out. Then, when he woke up, I looked at him some more. I hissed a little, and he hissed back! Then I just kept comin' back around to look at him, and he'd look at me. Then I just sprawled out on the floor, and he went back to sleep. That's it so far, I'm just busy with my regular routine and haven't paid that much attention to him. He's boring. He's been sleepin'. But Mom says that he had a busy day yesterday, with the travelin', and when he gets rested and used to our house he'll be ready to play with me soon.

Here he is with Mom. He was lickin' her nose, even though it doesn't show in the picture. He also likes to lick Daddy's nose. Since I don't lick faces, it makes me wonder if he's really Skeezix's brother and not mine. ;)



This is Dobby, from the Harry Potter movies. He is a magical house elf.

This is my little brother Dobby. Daddy's holdin' him here. I still haven't met him yet, so Mom took these pictures and gave them to me to post. He's napping again. Mom says he has to get used to our house and things so he won't be so nervous to meet me. I hope he likes me!

Mom put another picture of him on her Project 365 blog today.

My Brother is Here!

Okay, did anycat understand that me getting a brother meant there would be ANOTHER CAT IN MY HOUSE? Dudes. I'm sure it'll turn out okay, but seriously.

I haven't actually seen him yet. My mom did, though. She took some pictures. Here he is, when he first got here he was hiding behind my stroller...
Bubbles and Mrs. B. sent him with his cube, so he checked that out.
Bubbles & Mrs. B also sent his bed and blanket (thanks guys!), and so he'd feel at home. Mom says he's sleepin' right now. That lump on the bottom left is him!

Emma's Kat: We're pronouncing Dobby so that it rhymes with knobby.

Today's the Day!

Hey, y'all, guess what? LT is on his way to my house RIGHT NOW.

Mom is going to the pet store in a little while to make sure we have the flavor of Temptayshuns that LT likes best (LT's savior and current mom Cecilia says he likes savory salmon), so he'll be happy when he gets here.

Yesterday Cecilia left a comment that LT was more like Dobby (a house elf from the world of the Great Wizard Harry Potter) than the evil Voldemort. We told Daddy about that name idea and he LOVED it!!! Dobby is very cute and silly and full of mischief, so that should be a really great name for my new brother. Today when he gets here I will ask him if he likes that name.

I hope I get to hang out with him soon. I have to wait until he gets used to bein' here and stuff before we can really get to know each other, but I'm lookin' forward to meetin' him.

I will update as soon as I can!


More Stuff

One More Day!

LT will be at our house tomorrow. I'm gettin' really excited.

So, to answer some of the questions you've asked:

If his name is Hairy Potter, we will just call him Hairy. We is also considerin' namin' him Valdemort ("he who shall not be named") since he is apparently quite the mischievous little guy. Mom isn't sure about that one b/c Valdemort is evil, and LT doesn't look evil, he looks sweet.

We ordered blue soft paws for LT to wear. As a kitten, they only have three choices. Pink (and that's Skeezix's domain), clear (Boooorrrrring) and blue. So Blue it is! For those of you new to or unfamiliar with softpaws, we really like em. They make it so that I can play with Mom's hands and not hurt her. Also I don't hurt the furniture or the curtains or the hardwood floors. And now I won't hurt LT either! And he won't hurt me. Once he gets to wear them. Mom doesn't want to scare him with them right away, so he probably won't wear them for a while.

We can't put LT in the room with the bean litter box, because I eat in that room. And I'm excited about a brother and all, but I'm not giving up food for him! We think he's gonna stay in the room where Mom has a desk and books and computer printer and stuff like that. We think. Mom says she'd rather him have a more comfortable spot, like maybe the room with the bed that nobody sleeps in, but it's all the way upstairs and she thinks she should keep him closer to where we all hang out.

Thanks for the advice and efurrything! Tomorrow night if I have enough time when I'm not playin' with my new brother I'll post an update and maybe some pictures.


Gettin' Ready

We're gettin' ready for my new brother. We're figurin' out where he would like to hang out while he and I get used to each other. I'm getting my softpaws on the claws that are out, so I won't hurt him by accident. My mom also ordered him some tiny softpaws. Hope he'll be still for her to put them on! UPDATE: we ordered blue softpaws because they only come in clear, pink and blue in the kitten size.

He's furry cute, as you can see here. His current roommate, Bubbles, seems furry glad that LT is comin' to live with me. Isn't that nice of him? I thought so.

My Daddy gets to name LT, and he's still thinkin' that LT's name should be Hairy Potter, in honor of the Great Wizard Harry Potter. My Daddy loves Harry Potter. But we have to wait until we meet LT to make sure it fits.

It won't be long! LT will be here Saturday!