Whaddya Think?

Okay. So you may know that there's a kitty at Bubbles & Mrs. B's house that needs a home. My mommy says that my daddy will never agree to it, but we're still thinkin' about it, cause Mommy likes to torture herself like that.

LT is furry cute, and he looks like me! But Mommy says she has heard that two boy kitties often won't get along. And since Bubbles didn't like LT, this possibility concerns us cause Mommy doesn't want to get a new kitty and then if I don't like him she'll have to find him a NEW place. So, I need advice from all you kitties and beans that have multi-kitty households. Is it okay to have two boy kitties? Or is it better to get one boy kitty and one girl kitty?

Update from Merlin's Mom: I'm going to talk to Merlin's Daddy about this, but if you know someone who might be able to adopt LT please don't assume he's going to come live with us, or let my interest keep you from mentioning it to someone who wants a kitten. Merlin's Daddy is allergic to kitties and it is definitely NOT a sure thing, or even a likely thing.


Widebody Wednesday

I'm not sure how I feel about this whole Widebody Wednesday thing. But I guess I should be proud of my stature and, as my Mommy says, I'm good and STURDY. So here I am in my favorite window (so many of my pictures are in my window, but it is my favorite place). It's even OPEN today! It's freakishly warm, my mommy says. Anyway, so here I am!

Blog Study

It's kinda like a game!

Link and ping to play!


Finally, I'm back!

I hope that everyone had a really good Thanksgiving, even if your beans left you like mine left me. Mom took the puter with her when she went to my Mimi's house, so I couldn't even blog the whole stinkin' time she was gone.

They left Wednesday mornin' and didn't come back til Saturday night. When they got here on Saturday I wouldn't even let her pet me! I meowed and meowed really loud, and stayed just out of arm's length so she couldn't touch me. She had to be punished for leaving me, don't you agree?

So anyway, now I have forgiven her but she still feels guilty for leavin' me, so I'm gettin' lots of petting and cuddlin'. I'm also helpin' her out. She had a "To Do" List this mornin', and she told me that she had to do the things on the list and we couldn't play til she was done. So I figured, if I got rid of the list she'd be done!!!


Mommy loves me

Hey y'all, my Mommy loves me. I know she does cause I read about it in her entry in Skeezix's new contest. You can read it too! Just click on this neat-o badge and it'll take you to my page. Then you can vote for me if you want! Thanks!


My Woofies

Here's my brother Max (wif the blue sweatshirt) and my sister Coco (wif the red sweatshirt) havin a nap. They were lyin' outside in the sunshine in the spot where my Daddy puts the leaves that he catches in his lawn mower. They like to lie in that spot. I think Max's nose musta been cold, cause he's got it tucked under the leaves! You can click on the picture if you wanna see it big. Looked to me like they were nappin' real good, and I wanted to go out and join 'em, but Mommy said I had to have my nap inside.


I'm watchin' yoo

I'll git yoo, my pretties...



This couch is mine. I don't really want to share it. I think maybe you could find another place to sit.

In response to Latte's comment I would like to say that the above statement really only applies to beans. Kitties are welcome to teleport over and snuggle with me on my couch. There's plenty of room! And Mom. She can probably snuggle too.



Whaddya mean, cats don't eat leftover Halloween candy?


Birdie Watchin'

Here I am, lookin' out my favfurrite window, watchin' birdies. As you can see, there is a bush right outside.

I know it's hard to see, but this is the best shot Mom could get. If you look closely, you can see the birdie in this picture. Close to the middle of the pickshur, just above the window sill, you can see the outline of my birdie.



So Mom has discuvered one of my fafurite birdie watchin' spots. I'm not supposed to be up there, so I only do it durin' the day when nobody's home. But now she knows...


Thursday Thirteen, #4

Thirteen Things about Merlin's Measurements
Thanks to Skeezix for this idea

  1. I weigh 15 pounds.
  2. I have some clothes, but it's hard to find shirts that fit me. They don't give me enough room between my front paws usually. Said area is 6 inches across
  3. My tail is 12 inches long from base to tip.
  4. I am 34 inches long when I stretch alllll the way out, from front paws to back paws.
  5. My chest is 17 inches around.
  6. From my chin to my privates is 19 inches.
  7. My neck is 9 inches around.
  8. My belly is 19 inches.
  9. My ears are 2 and a half inches long.
  10. My longest whisker is 3 and a half inches long
  11. My biggest back toe is one inch long.
  12. My front paws are like 10 inches long (this is an approcksimashun, cuz I wuz tired of bein' mayshured.)
  13. There will be no 13. See #12.



We have some kitties in desperate need of help NOW.
Grr, Midnight & Cocoa have posted information about abandoned kitties living outdoors in Rhode Island. They are being fed by Danielle, Spot & Jake's Mommie.

These kitties are going to be "removed" (???) any day now. Read the details in Please Help These Kitties and Ferals in Need, Too. bRemember how many of our fellow blogging cats were once in the same situation. If you can help in anyway, please contact Karen C.


You weren't readin' that, were ya Mom?


Dona Nobis Pacem

Peace for me? is sleepin' without worryin' 'bout things. I know that when I wake up my Mommy and Daddy will love me, and feed me, and keep me warm and dry. I have my window to look out, and I have treats and snacks and toys. Efurrycat and efurrybean in the whole wide world should be able to sleep without worryin'.

I don't know why beans can't get along with each other. All of us kitties of different kinds are friends: Meezers and Tabbies and Tortis and Gingers and efurrycat! Look, if I can be friends with woofies (see proof below), then beans that look different or pray different or think different or have different lookin' families from each other, they should be able to be friends too. Or at least be polite! It's furry rude to not respect somecat just because he or she is diff'rent.

Click here to get your own Peace Globe.
Copy it/sign it/post it TODAY.

And Mommy says DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!
It only took her four minutes.


Fev-vers! Fev-vers!

I got a new toy! It's a fev-ver stick! I like it! See?

I also like Mommy bein' home with me. We're havin' fun. Max likes it too, we been hangin' out together.

Mom and I are mentioned on Mimi Writes today. It's all about Cat Bloggers! Check it out and join us tomorrow and Blog for Peace.



Things is furry strange 'round here. My Mommy didn't go to work today... Last night when she got home from work, she was sad and her face was wet and she drank from lots of those brown bottles. Today though she's just hangin out with me! I like it! She's pettin me and givin me lots of rubs and pets, and she says she loves me alot. She also said she'd be home with me for a while! And she's not goin' back to her job! I like that, I like it when she's home with me, it's so much better than bein' alone. But she seems kinda sad 'bout it, I dunno why. Daddy was extra nice to Mommy, but he seems kinda sad too. I dunno what's goin' on but I'm givin extra snugglin' to Mommy.


New Montage

My Mommy is learning how to do stuff on her puter, so she and I put together this little montage. I'm nowhere near the filmmaker that Skeezix is, but I'm working on it! Enjoy...

p.s. Daphne, be sure to watch all the way to the credits at the end! ;)


Wednesday Stuff

Hey, Tiggy is in StuffOnMyCat.com's Halloween Contest, so vote for her! Voting ends tonight! Go Vote for Tiggy!

If you don't mind, could you also vote for me for Coolest Cat at Catster? I'm a late entry, cause my Mom is sooo slow. Thank you. You can click on the icon below, and also you can vote for my woofie brother Max too, there's a link at the bottom of my page.

And since other cats have posted some purrty trees from their neighborhoods, here's one that lives at the end of my street. My Mom took it this mornin' it was kinda foggy.