Hello innernets! Merlin here.

So we have a big mystery at our house this morning.

*Someone* pooped and peed on the bathmat during the night. And then, between Dad leaving for work and Mom getting up, *someone* pooped on Max's bed in the kitchen (Max's bed is really a big bathmat, too)...

Who dunit?

I wanted to blame it on Max, since Mom says that the pee didn't smell like cat pee. Not very ammonia-like. BUT.... there wasn't that much of it. And the poop, Mom says, is too small to be from a woofie. Plus, Max was outside when the second incident occurred. So I guess he's in the clear.

This morning, neither I nor Dobby appeared to behave like a guilty kitty... Also, nobody seems to be feelin' poorly. So Mom is completely stumped. Neither of us has ever not used the litter box. So she's gonna go buy new litter boxes and fill them with fresh litter, in case the boxes are offending us. But I'm not giving her any hints...

I'm just playing it cool. As you can see.

And here's Dobby, bein' cute. All the time, he's cute. I wish he'd quit that.

Pee ess: Mom's March Madness is over. She says she's got March Sadness now. But maybe she'll have more time for bloggin' anyway...



It's Me! Dobby! As Merlin told you yesterday, my mom has a really bad sickness called the March Madness. She even has a blog about it! Anyway, she at least took some pictures of me with her cell phone, so I could show you all how much I'm growin! I'm still about half the size of Merlin, so I gots a ways to go. 'Cept Mom says that half the size of Merlin is about the size of a regular sized cat. But I wanna be big like him!


Here I am!

Don't fret, internets! Here I am. Sorry I've been out of touch lately. It's all my mom's fault. She's been all occupied with this silly basketball business. She even went out of town for it, which is just offensive to me. Anyway. Here I am. Being manly. Later on, little bro's gonna post a pic of himself. Of course. Attention hog.


I am Big

And it is Man Cat Monday