Secret Paws!

We got our Secret Paws!!! (Actually we got them like a week ago but Mom was really slow postin' our pickshures). Merlin's came from Kali, and Dobby's came from Derby!

Merlin opened his first...

He really liked this mouse.

Mom didn't even have time to take it out of its packaging!
Also note that box of Turtles. I dunno what that is, but Mom was happy about it.

Then we opened Dobby's. It had a byoo-ti-ful mug in it, for our Mom.

Dobby sniffed the gift bag, just wondering what was inside.

Fun mousies, and Temptations, and a stocking...

And.. and.... NIP RAVIOLI!!!!

Dobby and Merlin both played with the Ravioli... and then streaked around the house, and finally crashed for a catnap.

Thank you very much, Kali and Derby!!! And Happy Secret Paws to everyone!!!


Merry Christmas!

Sorry we are late. We have been furry busy with napping and supervising the Christmas tree and other important stuff. We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is enjoying the holiday season!


All I Need to Know

Merlin here.

Look, we all know that cats know everything. And most of us are pretty good at teachin' our beans what they need to know. This one ladybean had a cat named Binky, and she learned a whole lot from Binky. So the ladybean wrote a book about how much she's learned from Binky, even though Binky has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, the ladybean still remembered all the important lessons that she learned from Binky over the whole 18 1/2 years of Binky's life! Isn't that a very neat thing, and very nice of the ladybean to do.

I wonder why Mom hasn't written a book about all she's learned from me. Anyway.

So the ladybean wrote the book, and so many beans and kitties liked it, that they re-issued it with new stuff! The nice people at the publisher sent me a copy of it, because they wanted to get a kitty's opinion. But they didn't pay me or anything. Maybe I should look into that.

So the book has LOTS of important rules that all cats know, and that beans should learn. One of my favorites is "Be Hard to Leave." Look, nobody's better than cats (except maybe bean blurpy things) at making sure to be hard to leave. I know I am VERY good at it. See, here's the picture from the book.
See that? Okay, now for an example of how skilled I am at this particular characteristic, I present the following picture. Just so you know, this isn't staged for this particular post, this picture was first posted exactly one year ago today.

See? I am very good at this stuff. Even though I already know everything, readin' the book was good for me, cause it reminded me of all the things that are important to remember, and things that I have to be sure to remind my Mom and Dad about a lot.

The book also has a quiz in it, so beans can find out if they are "cat people." Whatever that means, who doesn't like cats? But Mom says that the quiz was really funny, and that especially all our cat blogosphere friends would particularly appreciate it.

Mom read the book, too. She laughed and laughed, and she said "awwww" a couple times, too. And it made her want to hug me and kiss me and pet me, so I liked that. She liked the book a lot, and said she was going to give it to some people for Chrissymouse. If you're one of those people, I hope I didn't just spoil the surprise. Mom says the book isn't very spensive and would prolly make a good stockin' stuffer.

Here's where you can go read about the book or the ladybean.
Here's where you can pick a place to buy the book.