We're it!

We's been tagged! Mungo & Teazer tagged us to tell about our favorite things.

Time of Day: We like it in the evenin' time when the beans are home from work and there's cuddling. But we also like durin' the day, when we get lots of naps.

Day of the week: Either of those two days when Mommy and Daddy stay home.

Season of the year: Anytime the windows are open!

Holiday: Krissymass. Merlin likes to lie under the tree.

Beaches: What's a beach?

Song: Daddy sings us a song that we like! It's about kitties and tails and ears and stripes and paws. It's different every time he sings it, so we don't know the name of it.

Flower: We have tasted roses. They were yummy.

Talk show: We don't watch talk shows, so we dunno.

Movie: We like any movie that has a cat!

Soaps: We like the smell good stuff uses to wash her hands. Oh, that's not what you meant?

Beverage: Milk! We don't get it a lot of times, but when we do it's SOOOOO good.

Fruit: Who would have a favorite fruit? That's gross.

Snack: Pounce. Fish shaped ones.

Food: We eat Iams Weight Control Hairball Control.

Restaurant: We like any restaurant that send Mommy home with something for us to eat. It doesn't happen very much.

We tag: Bubbles, Mrs. B. & Madness, and Daphne & Chloe & Spooker & Jazper.


Merlin's Birthday

Hi! It's me, Dobby! Didya know that yesterday was my big brother's birthday? He's TWO. That's very old. Anyway, he got a brand new pretty purple collar, and he was very happy about it. He was strutting around the house showing it off. Plus he got some extra treats and a new toy, which is nice. Then, out of nowhere? He just started chasin' me! I'm the one that does the chasin' around here! He must've gotten some spunk for his birthday. Hee! Here he is, looking at the birdies on his birthday.




Today I am two. Wonder what sort of prizes I will get when Mom gets home from work. Wonder if she can buy me some NEW WHISKERS. While I wait, I'm going to take a nap. Or three. And maybe talk to the birdies. And eat some foods. And nap again, maybe.


Shh! I'm hiding!

This shower curtain has stripes. I have stripes. So if I hide here, no one will be able to see me.



7 Random Things about Us!

We got tagged! We got tagged!

We got tagged by Ariel and by Bubbles, Mrs. B and Madness and by Fat Cat Muffin.

Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

Seven things about Merlin:


2. I don't like any loud noises or sudden movements. I just prefer quiet and calm.

3. I'd rather lie next to a bean than be held by a bean. It's more independent that way, you know?

4. I am very happy lately because the windows in our house are all open. I like to sit in the window and smell the fresh air and talk to birdies.

5. When I hear a loud noise or get startled I run to the couch and make myself as flat as I can and scoot under there. I can stay there all day.

6. I like having my belly rubbed but not my chin.

7. I'm Mommy's favorite.

Seven things about Dobby:

1. I recently learned a new trick. If I lie down on my back, someone will rub my belly! I like that.

2. I can sneak up on Mommy and Daddy's bed when they're sleepin' and they won't even know I'm there.

3. I chewed off Merlin's whiskers. Hee hee hee.

4. I think it is my very important duty to lick the tub when a bean gets out of the shower.

5. Whenever ANYONE is in the bathroom, I absolutely MUST be in there too. That time must be used for pets, tub licking, belly rubbing, and definitely snacking, as that is where my food is.

6. Look. No matter what it is that I'm doing, it has to be done in a hurry. That is why I run everywhere I go. It's none of your business, just understand that it's important.

7. I'm Mommy's favorite.

If you have not participated then consider yourself TAGGED!



So, outside our back door is where the woofies get their dinner. Look and see who decided to help them eat it! (Mom says sorry for the horrible camera work)

And so we had to keep an eye on them, you know.

It takes all four of our eyes.


No, really

Merlin here.

I don't think y'all really understand the severity of the whisker problem.

Look at this. Click to biggify if you need to.

My whiskers are little stubs! This is HORRIBLE. The little bugger.



Merlin here.

Dobby may look all sweet and innocent, but let me tell you somethin'. He's a whisker eater! I don't know why, but for some reason the little weirdo likes to chew on my whiskers! When he's cleaning me, which, you know, as a younger brother he is required to do, he CHEWS ON MY WHISKERS, which isn't cool. Now all my whiskers are stubby and short and ridiculous looking. I hope Daphne doesn't mind, because really, I think I look silly and not nearly as handsome as usual.

Look at him, sleeping, all innocent-like. He's tricky, that one.