We're it!

We's been tagged! Mungo & Teazer tagged us to tell about our favorite things.

Time of Day: We like it in the evenin' time when the beans are home from work and there's cuddling. But we also like durin' the day, when we get lots of naps.

Day of the week: Either of those two days when Mommy and Daddy stay home.

Season of the year: Anytime the windows are open!

Holiday: Krissymass. Merlin likes to lie under the tree.

Beaches: What's a beach?

Song: Daddy sings us a song that we like! It's about kitties and tails and ears and stripes and paws. It's different every time he sings it, so we don't know the name of it.

Flower: We have tasted roses. They were yummy.

Talk show: We don't watch talk shows, so we dunno.

Movie: We like any movie that has a cat!

Soaps: We like the smell good stuff uses to wash her hands. Oh, that's not what you meant?

Beverage: Milk! We don't get it a lot of times, but when we do it's SOOOOO good.

Fruit: Who would have a favorite fruit? That's gross.

Snack: Pounce. Fish shaped ones.

Food: We eat Iams Weight Control Hairball Control.

Restaurant: We like any restaurant that send Mommy home with something for us to eat. It doesn't happen very much.

We tag: Bubbles, Mrs. B. & Madness, and Daphne & Chloe & Spooker & Jazper.

15 Meows:

Anonymous meowed...

Great answers :)

Parker meowed...

Roses are yummy! I love to eat the petals and then I get called this name - "NoNoNoNoNoParker!"

Jeter and Mickey meowed...

POUNCE ... i fergot abowt pounce! i hav been enjoyin da temptashunz latelee an fergot how delishus da pounce iz! thankz fer remindin me.
luv--yer frend--jh

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat meowed...

OHOHOH! We have same favorite season! And I thought I was the only one who didn't eat Temptations. I think they're good, the just upset my tum tum and I yak. I like Whisker Lickins the best!

The Meezers meowed...

Pounce? we haf nefurr hadded those. maybe we will ask mommy for some

Suzanne meowed...

great meme! how are you guys doing?


Name: Mr. Hendrix meowed...

Great MeMe! You guys have some very good favorites listed there. Anytime the beans are home is the best time.

Anonymous meowed...

Hi Merlin and Dobby,

I tagged you for a Meme started by Marilyn called kitty confessions please go to my blog and see.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) meowed...

i loved your answers! thanks for playing! i like to play too...

smiles, auntie bee

Artsy Catsy meowed...

Merlin & Dobby, we haven't been able to come over for awhile, so we thought we'd stop in and say HI!

& everybody at Artsy Catsy

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan meowed...

Pounce No Fruit... We agree! Sending purrs your way.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

roses? hmmm...we haven't tried those yet. have you tasted those little white ones called "baby's breath"? Yum-meee!

Name: Mr. Hendrix meowed...

Hi! I'm tagging you again. This one is a True Confessions Meme. I tagged both you and Dobby and I can't wait to read your lists!

Karen Jo meowed...

I enjoyed reading your answers. One of the kitties I used to live with loved Pounce, too.

Suzanne meowed...

it's been a long time since we've heard anything from you. how are you?