Yay! Mom felt sooo guilty after she read all your comments! Today when she came home from werk there was a NEW box at our door. There wasn't anything good in it for me (or the woofies, thank goodness) but she did let me have the box!


What's this?

Why are you not permitting me to examine the contents of this box? You know that nothing comes into this house without my approval! I must investigate.

11:30am update: Wanna know what was in there? something for me, maybe? Nip? Treats? Mousies? Oh no. It was some stuff Mom put in the shower, some stuff she put on her fingernails, some stuff to clean the dishes... AND.....

Long chewy bone thingies for the wolfies.

Oh, I am sooooo mad. I'm going to ignore Mommy and not purr or anything.


Me and Fishie... We're just chillin like villains.


Purr-rayers & Goodbye Ulrick

Ullrick needs our purr-rayers. Please visit his blog and let his Meowmy know you're thinking about them. He is far away in another country, but my Mom says that purr-rayers can still reach that far.

7:54 pm: Ulrick was very very sick, the vet was not able to treat him, and he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Please keep his Mom and her other kitty in your thoughts.


Breath of Fresh Air

Yay! Mom opened the windows today. Finally! It's nice and cool outside and finally I can enjoy some fresh air.

And I can tell those birdies what I think of them, and now they can hear me! Ha!


Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Meowmy! I love you!

I will give you extra purrs and snuggles and ankle rubs and I will take a nap in your lap! And you can play with Fishie if you want! And I will not do anything bad today!

Can I have some cake?


Daphne's in the blogosphere

Y'all remember Daphne, right? She's sooo purrr-ty. And she's got a new blog, so y'all stop by and tell her hello... It's called Purrchance to Dream.

Except you boys, you stay away. I saw her first, I've got dibs.


Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Good Things in Merlin's life

  1. Mom

  2. Dad

  3. Open windows!

  4. Fishie

  5. Pounces

  6. Max’s tail

  7. Baths

  8. Pancho’s cheese dip

  9. Tummy rubs

  10. Birdies

  11. Chipmunks too

  12. Belly kisses

  13. Naps
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Hairy Situation

Momma got her hairs a new color. She still smells the same, so it doesn't bother me. Dad likes it too. But some lady at Momma's office told her it didn't look so great. Said it made her look pail, whatever that means. It made Momma mad!

I wish I could go to Momma's work and bite that lady. I could hiss at her too.


New Look

Mom's changin' stuff round here. Let us know if you like it.

Or don't like it.

Or have any suggestions...

Tummy Tuesday

So, here's my tummy. I don't know why it seems to have such power, but it does. If I show it to Mom, she can't walk away... I have complete control.

Tummy Tuesday's founder.
More Tummy Tuesday!


That's better

I made Mom late for work today.


Well, I had to spend the WHOLE weekend hiding under the couch until the Guests left. It's a good hidey place for a while, but a whole weekend? And I didn't get to have my cat party. I came out last night and played with Fishie after they left, but this morning I still felt the need for a little revenge.

So while Mom was getting ready for work, I followed her everywhere she went. I rubbed against her ankles. I purred and meowed. And for the masterpiece? Flopped down and presented the Tummy. Mom can't resist the Tummy. She spent more time petting and rubbing me than she did getting ready for work!

Now I feel better.


Oh, Man!

So Mom and Dad were going to a party tonight. I was going to have the house to myself! I was really hoping to enjoy my time alone in the house so I might have a few friends over, you know, like Latte, Grr, Midnight, & Cocoa, Catzee, Zeus, Rascal, Gemini, Kaze, the Meezers, all my cat buddies.... have a little cat party, you know?

Nope. Unexpected guests in the house. I hate guests! They're sleeping in the upstairs rooms which is where I take my daytime naps, (lots o places to see birdies up there, cause you're higher in the trees). So they better not be around at daytime naptime. And what about this party? Mom and Dad go to this party and leave these people here with me? Yuck. That's no cat party.


Help Adam the Kitten

Message from Mom:
Please check out this post and learn about sweet little Adam. He needs an operation and the Stray Cat Alliance in Los Angeles needs donations to help pay for it. He is very sick but the surgery will completely cure him! Merlin and I made a small donation, I'm hoping that posting the information here will help some as well.


Tuesday night

So on Tuesday nights, Dad goes to school after work; so Mom and I were hanging out...

We did a little yoga.

We rested.

I kept an eye on Fishie.

We played around with the camera.

Mom said we were "laxin." I just thought it was fun.


BANZAI!!! Tummy Tuesday, No. 2

Tummy Tuesday's founder.
More Tummy Tuesday!



So Max came inside yesterday. Mom said he had to get a bath? What is that about? I get a bath, like, all the time! All day long! Can this dog not clean himself? That is just gross.

Anyway. So, I tried to take Fishie over to Max, I thought we could play with him together, you know? I mean, he's my brother, I was trying to share. Well, Mom snatched Fishie right up and put him in his hiding place. She said Max doesn't know how to play with Fishie. I thought she's underestimating him, but she reminded me what he did to Mousie (may he rest in peace) so I decided it was probably a good idea.

As you can see, I was keeping a close eye on Max after that (yeah, I snuck up on him from under the table so he wouldn't know I was coming). I didn't want him sneaking around and getting into anything he's not supposed to.

Oh, and thanks for the tips for taking care of Mom! She says she's feeling better now. ;)



Mom's not feelin' so good. She got a shot today in her thumb (I knew that thumb was trouble). I've had shots, and shots? Are NOT good. So tonight I will have to take care of her and try to help Dad make her feel better. Maybe if I stretch out on her and keep her warm it will help. You can see that I'm the perfect blanket. I could rub her belly or scratch her ears, that always makes me feel good. Anybody got some ideas?


Midnight Happenings

Mom was up in the middle of the night last night! Her thumb was hurting her, I think. She has trouble picking me up when that thumb is hurting. Anyway, I woke up cause I heard somebody moving around and I knew she was going into the bathroom. And nobody pees alone in this house, not on my watch! But then I was surprised when she didn't go back to bed. She came into the living room and got out the computer. She scratched my head and said she couldn't sleep. So I cuddled up next to her to make her feel better. I think it worked. I rolled over and she petted my tummy for a long, long time. It felt so good! And apparently not being able to sleep is not contagious, because I fell asleep just like that! I woke up cause she kissed my tummy and said she was going back to bed. Maybe my going to sleep helped her to sleep. I think it did.



This is fishie.

Fishie is my best friend. Well, next to Mom.

Tonight we played and played. First I had to get him out from his hiding place.

Then, we both had to get ready for action.

I brought him out to the middle of floor...

And smacked him around a little... Just for fun. He likes it, really he does.

Then he got his dumb string caught under the couch. Stupid string.

I had to work really hard to get him and his string loose.

Then, we were both just so tired we had to rest. But I was thinking about going at it again...

But Fishie had to hide because my dumb old brother Max came in the house and Mom said Max would EAT Fishie! Eat! Fishie! Ack! So I took a nap instead.


With Tuesday you get My tummy

Today is Tummy Tuesday, so I'll post this. It's not the best shot of my tummy, but it's all I could come up with right now. Next week maybe I'll provide a better view, I just wasn't in the mood this week. Mom tried to take one, but it turned out absolutely less than dignified, as you can see here...

You could, if you wanted, check out more "Tummy Tuesday"


Baby pictures

Mom said you guys might want to see some baby pictures of me. I don't why, that was a whole year ago! I was a different cat then. Anyway. So here they are. . I do have to say, I was pretty cute. ;)


My Blogging Kitty Friends

Please leave a comment or shoot me an email if you don't see your blog on the list, or if I've got yer name wrong or anything like that. If you see this *** it means they gotta new post up!


Weekends are interesting. Mom and Dad are around more, but they don't usually interfere too much with my nap schedule. I heard Mom say that they're going to be around an extra day this weekend. I hope they keep the activity to a minimum, I prefer lots of laziness and rest.
Today Dad's been outside and Mom's been running errands, so I've had lots of peace and quiet.

This morning Dad called me Rubs Magee. I was doing that thing, you know, where I rub up against their ankles? Mom loves it when I do that, she thinks it's sweet, so I keep doing it because I get lots of petting. I also like to run ahead of wherever Mom's walking, get far enough ahead of her, plop down, and wait for the rubs. It never fails.

I can't wait til they open these windows and I can get back on my perch and enjoy the fresh air. Those birds and chipmunks have been taunting me all summer! Bastards.


Hi There.

Hello. I'm new around here. Thought I'd start this thing up so I can get a word in edgewise. My human has a lot of words. I'll start by introducing myself. This handsome thing is me.

Now. I have a sister and a brother. They look a litle funny, but we try to act like they're normal, so don't point and laugh or anything. The black one's name is Coco Bean. She doesn't pay much attention to me, but she's usually pretty nice, and she lets me lay down next to her on her bed. The brown one, Max, is fun. He flips his tail around for me to chase. But both of them stay on the floor all the time, which is weird.

So, I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you. Let me know what you think of my blog. Thanks for stopping by, and check out some of the critters on the Friday Ark.