Oh, Man!

So Mom and Dad were going to a party tonight. I was going to have the house to myself! I was really hoping to enjoy my time alone in the house so I might have a few friends over, you know, like Latte, Grr, Midnight, & Cocoa, Catzee, Zeus, Rascal, Gemini, Kaze, the Meezers, all my cat buddies.... have a little cat party, you know?

Nope. Unexpected guests in the house. I hate guests! They're sleeping in the upstairs rooms which is where I take my daytime naps, (lots o places to see birdies up there, cause you're higher in the trees). So they better not be around at daytime naptime. And what about this party? Mom and Dad go to this party and leave these people here with me? Yuck. That's no cat party.

5 Meows:

Gemini meowed...

Oh it would have been so fun to have a party. What were those strangers doing in your house if your Momma was gone?

Merlin meowed...

Momma was here... Guests came LAST night but they're staying til tomorrow, and tonight was gonna be the cat party.

I think Mom's still going to the party, but DAd will have to stay here with the guests. Glad I'm not going to have to entertain them. I don't like guests.

Cecilia meowed...

We don't like guests either. Especially Bubbles! He hates everybody, because they always want to pick him up.
But he loves his Meowmie more than everything.

Karen Jo meowed...

Isn't that just like beans to go and ruin your plans? I guess you'll just have to find a good hidey place and wait for them to leave.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

our Lady has a no guests effur rule. 'cept fur kitties. the more kitties the better. she says all her furrends are feline.