Weekends are interesting. Mom and Dad are around more, but they don't usually interfere too much with my nap schedule. I heard Mom say that they're going to be around an extra day this weekend. I hope they keep the activity to a minimum, I prefer lots of laziness and rest.
Today Dad's been outside and Mom's been running errands, so I've had lots of peace and quiet.

This morning Dad called me Rubs Magee. I was doing that thing, you know, where I rub up against their ankles? Mom loves it when I do that, she thinks it's sweet, so I keep doing it because I get lots of petting. I also like to run ahead of wherever Mom's walking, get far enough ahead of her, plop down, and wait for the rubs. It never fails.

I can't wait til they open these windows and I can get back on my perch and enjoy the fresh air. Those birds and chipmunks have been taunting me all summer! Bastards.

2 Meows:

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

they doesn't let ya open the window in the summer? why not? does ya effur get ta go out an catch the fev-vers? mmmmmmm!

Merlin meowed...

No open windows in summertime. Mom says it's too hot and we can't afford to air condition the neighborhod.

No. I don't get to go out. I told my Mom that other kitties get to go out and she says she's "Not other kitties' Mom."

She's mean.