Hi There.

Hello. I'm new around here. Thought I'd start this thing up so I can get a word in edgewise. My human has a lot of words. I'll start by introducing myself. This handsome thing is me.

Now. I have a sister and a brother. They look a litle funny, but we try to act like they're normal, so don't point and laugh or anything. The black one's name is Coco Bean. She doesn't pay much attention to me, but she's usually pretty nice, and she lets me lay down next to her on her bed. The brown one, Max, is fun. He flips his tail around for me to chase. But both of them stay on the floor all the time, which is weird.

So, I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you. Let me know what you think of my blog. Thanks for stopping by, and check out some of the critters on the Friday Ark.

7 Meows:

Meankitty Says... meowed...

Welcome to Cyberspace! We gotcher linked.


The Meezers meowed...

Hi Merlin! Fank you for coming by to see us! Mommy says you are furry handsome and she would rub your belly if you flopped in front of her.

Latte meowed...

Hi Merlin! Thanks for visiting me. You should visit my sister Kaze too (link on my page). Glad to have you in the blogging world. Your "parents" sound a lot like mine.

Cheysuli meowed...

Thanks for coming to visit me. It seems you have an affinity for Meezers! Good taste.

Zeus meowed...

Hey there, Merlin! Pretty nice of your human pet to share her computer and let you have your own blog. I look forward to reading more of your adventures in the days to come!

Babeth meowed...

Hello Merlin !
Dontchaworry, we have an old biddy called "a dog" here that looks just like your 2 weird brothers. You'll see, in time they'll learn proper manners. Our old "dog" purrs perfectly now, and does a good washing job too.
It's just that my sibling, Zorro, tends to imitate the strange sound from the "dog"... he barks.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

whoa. those are woofies - big ones! (not the people, we means Coco an Max) you must be furry brave. nice ta meetcha

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa