Thursday Thirteen #1

Thirteen Good Things in Merlin's life

  1. Mom

  2. Dad

  3. Open windows!

  4. Fishie

  5. Pounces

  6. Max’s tail

  7. Baths

  8. Pancho’s cheese dip

  9. Tummy rubs

  10. Birdies

  11. Chipmunks too

  12. Belly kisses

  13. Naps
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Country Girl
The Schooligan
Dane Bramage
Jenny Ryan
Daphne (my girlfriend and the purrrtiest kitty around)

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21 Meows:

Laura meowed...

hi merlin.
nice list and yes, you are handsome!
my tt is up.

Derby meowed...

Hi Merlin, I don't think I've seen your blog before. You are a furry good looking cat. I see you have me linked already. I will have to bug mum to update my links.

Janet (fondofsnape@gmail.com) meowed...

awwww I wrote about my doggies :-) Bet they'd love cheese dip & chipmunks, perhaps covered in cheese!

Tina meowed...

Hi Merlin! :) How cute. :D Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! Happy Thursday! :)

Kitty Cats Corner meowed...

Hiya Merlin!

Your list is sounds purrfect to us!

Purrs - The Kitty Cat's Corner cats

Carmen meowed...

hey merlin. glad to come by another cat blog. My cat is too lazy for his own blog :)

The Meezers meowed...

great list Merlin!!!

justacountrygrl meowed...

Cute list!
My TT is up also :)

Cheysuli meowed...

A Purrfectly delightful list. I do like belly rubs.

The Schooligan meowed...

It's true. We humans are rendered powerless by the kitty tummy. :-)

Dane Bramage meowed...

Awsome list Merlin. And thanks for the offeer of cuddles and purrs. But if the six felines in my basement get a whiff of you on me then they will claw me to shreds.

Thanks for stopping by my T13 13 Stress Relievers Edition

Sparky meowed...

Miss Kittie agrees with your list wholeheartedly. Happy TT

Jenny Ryan meowed...

Tummy rubs are the best! :)

Brony meowed...

That's a good list.
Happy TT. Mine is up.

Jolee meowed...

Nice list! I don't have a blog but occasionally I am allowed to post...

Daphne meowed...

hey there sexy stripes,
I've listed my first Thursday Thirteen at my new site:
Purrchance To Dream

#3 on my list might just be of interest to you!


(why don't you link to me, big boy?)

Zeus meowed...

Those are all terrific things to have in one's life, Merlin. However, I think naps should have been number one! ;)

Happy Thursday to you, and thanks for visiting my list!

Cecilia meowed...

Oh, that is a nice list. We love Fishie. Where did you get him?

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

umm...about #7...you mean tongue baths, right? cause WATER baths should be on an entirely different list!

DKRaymer meowed...

Hello, Merlin and welcome to the Thursday Thirteeners. Great list. Stop by my blog; there are dogs there, but they do love kitties. Happy TT!

Measi meowed...

Hee hee! That ties in nicely with my T13 from last week- thanks for stopping by!