New Look

Mom's changin' stuff round here. Let us know if you like it.

Or don't like it.

Or have any suggestions...

4 Meows:

Rascal meowed...

As long as she doesn't change nap time, meal time, treat time, play time, etc., then anything goes. And another thing, as long as she doesn't change the number of Cats at your house. Keep me informed of this potential problem.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

we haf a request, ackshully. where you changed "Archives" ta "Stuff I Said Already" is brilliant. we're gonna try ta think up sumfing of similar brilliance, but if we can't, can we use "Stuff I Said Already"? it makes our Lady giggle.

Morgen meowed...

I see you've gone Betazoid, Merlin.
Daphne & I are still trying to decide what to do about that. And I should apologize for ms. Daphne --- she got her little whiskers out of joint because she wasn't on your party list for last weekend (even though the party didn't happen and she partied on her own... )
Well, anyway, she's been so busy tearing through the house, launching herself around like an Iraqi missle to be on the internet lately (I just hope it's the change of the weather and that she'll calm down soon). Wanted you to know that I like your new template/layout, and I'll try to send you a new Daphne pic soon.
~ Morgen (Daphne's NotTheMama)

Daphne meowed...

Pay no attention to NotTheMama.
I've just been getting my new site ready to show to you (hard to have time on the laptop with him always online!).
Check out my new site:
Purrchance To Dream