So Max came inside yesterday. Mom said he had to get a bath? What is that about? I get a bath, like, all the time! All day long! Can this dog not clean himself? That is just gross.

Anyway. So, I tried to take Fishie over to Max, I thought we could play with him together, you know? I mean, he's my brother, I was trying to share. Well, Mom snatched Fishie right up and put him in his hiding place. She said Max doesn't know how to play with Fishie. I thought she's underestimating him, but she reminded me what he did to Mousie (may he rest in peace) so I decided it was probably a good idea.

As you can see, I was keeping a close eye on Max after that (yeah, I snuck up on him from under the table so he wouldn't know I was coming). I didn't want him sneaking around and getting into anything he's not supposed to.

Oh, and thanks for the tips for taking care of Mom! She says she's feeling better now. ;)

5 Meows:

Latte meowed...

Aw Merlin, that was SO sweet of you trying to share fishy with Max! Your mom was probably right though because doggies tend to play pretty rough and you wouldn't want your fishy to be destroyed.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

wow - Max is a BIG woofie! is he nice to you? we might be kinda scared of him

Merlin meowed...

Yeah, he's nice! He lets me play with his tail and take naps on his bed.

The Meezers meowed...

he's a big woofie. We would be scairt of him, efen if he is nice. But you was nice to try and share fishie wif him.

Lux meowed...

Hi Merlin -

We don't know each other yet, but have some mutual friends. I was amazed that you weren't afraid of that big dog - I've only ever seen pictures of them. You were awfully nice to him!