That's better

I made Mom late for work today.


Well, I had to spend the WHOLE weekend hiding under the couch until the Guests left. It's a good hidey place for a while, but a whole weekend? And I didn't get to have my cat party. I came out last night and played with Fishie after they left, but this morning I still felt the need for a little revenge.

So while Mom was getting ready for work, I followed her everywhere she went. I rubbed against her ankles. I purred and meowed. And for the masterpiece? Flopped down and presented the Tummy. Mom can't resist the Tummy. She spent more time petting and rubbing me than she did getting ready for work!

Now I feel better.

5 Meows:

The Meezers meowed...

Excellent excellent job Merlin. You has her wrapped around your paw!

Gemini meowed...

Oh that's furry nice that she likes your tummy. I'd have hid all weeekend too. I just don't like stranger.

Cecilia meowed...

Well done Merlin. I cannot resist the tummy either.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

excellent job! our teenagers were late ta school today cause I was being 'specially cute and the Lady grabbed the camera to make a little video and then she tried to pet me a lot.

Rascal meowed...

Well done, Merlin! You've got your Mom's number!