Merlin here.

Dobby may look all sweet and innocent, but let me tell you somethin'. He's a whisker eater! I don't know why, but for some reason the little weirdo likes to chew on my whiskers! When he's cleaning me, which, you know, as a younger brother he is required to do, he CHEWS ON MY WHISKERS, which isn't cool. Now all my whiskers are stubby and short and ridiculous looking. I hope Daphne doesn't mind, because really, I think I look silly and not nearly as handsome as usual.

Look at him, sleeping, all innocent-like. He's tricky, that one.

13 Meows:

Emma's Kat meowed...

What a silly boy! Hmmm, wonder why he does it. You just need to put your foot down Merlin. :)

Daisy meowed...

You are a nice big brudder to let him chew your whiskers off.

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat meowed...

Dobby, dude, that is so not cool. Maybe Dobby has alterior motives. Maybe he wants you stumble in the dark so that he can pounce you. Little brothers can be a bother! My Mommy thinks it's cute though.

Stop my by blog and tell me how you got your names. I can kinda guess but I want the stories anyway.

Parker meowed...

Nope, nope, nope! He needs to stop that! We needs our whiskers! Plus they are a very nice looking part of us!

Cecilia & The 2Bs meowed...

Whisker Chewing! Ha, ha. Bubbles is laughing. At least Madness does not chew whiskers. Yet!
Seriously Dobby, stop that.

Lux meowed...

My mom is giggling - she has no respect, does she?

She obviously doesn't understand that the blatant destruction of our whiskers can cause PTSD.

Suzanne meowed...

while dobby can be forgiven because of his immaturity, he seems to have forgotten how important it is to have an elegant sweep of whisker across one's cheek.


daphne meowed...

I think it just adds to your character, my Merlin!

Aren't siblings just like that - acting all innocent when they're really wicked little creatures -- what, no Chloe, don't read this-----

(I'll get back to you Merlin)


The Crew meowed...

After the required cleaning, when he starts chewing try diverting his attention with a toy. Then say "Here, chew on this".

I'm sure Daphne will still love you, even with a short whisker here and there.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

That's just odd. I try to chew the Lady's hair off, but she won't let me. On the few occasions I've managed to eat some, it comes out in the litter box and makes "poop on a string". One time I had "poop on a string" hanging off my butt, and the Lady said NO MORE HAIR CHEWING EVER. ::sigh::

Phoebe meowed...

I'm sorry to hear about your whiskers. I think you should have Dobby talk to Pablo about this one. I'm sure that Pablo wouldn't approve of whisker chewing.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) meowed...

yow! that is really something! it's like biting toenails, right? but i still think you are furry cute!

smiles, auntie bee

Anonymous meowed...

I understand Dobby is young yet you must do something.