Mom and I have decided that it will be appropriate, when the time comes, to SHARE my blog with Dobby, rather than him having his own.

Therefore, we will need to consider a change of Blog name. Does anycat have a suggestion? Merlin & Dobby's Meows just doesn't have quite the same ring to it. I could keep the same name and just let Dobby chime in sometimes... Whaddya think?

Also, I have added a link to Dobby's brand new Catster profile in my sidebar.

More updates soon!

12 Meows:

Kismet meowed...

Hi Merlin! Thanks so much for the catster rosette! I am more than happy to share my younger sibling advice with you, because I KNOW how stressful it can be. Mao does too.

For your blog, what about Double Meows from Merlin and Dobby? It kind of keeps the same name, but that way there is one word with the first letter of BOTH names!

Morgen meowed...

don't tell Daphne that Dobby already has a Catster page!!!

Bloggy title ideas...

Two Tabbies?
Tabby Squared?
Twice The Tabby
(Okay I have Tabby on the brain...)

How about The MoD Squad?
That's Merlin ond Dobby Squad
MaD Meows
(Merlin and Dobby Meows)

or you could go the other way
DaM Meows
(for Dobby and Merlin)

Or Those DaM Cats

or DaM(it)
Dobby and Merlin (Internet Tabbies)

see, you know I'd work tabbies back into it somehow!!

Have fun with this (I did!)
Not The Mama
who personally likes DaM(it) the best!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

our Lady's rollin' on the floor 'bout DaM(it)! we think you should just let Not The Mama keep listing names. we're nowhere near as brilliant as he is!

Anonymous meowed...

LOL at the names being thrown around...

Victor Tabbycat meowed...

WE'RE 2tabbys, wul, in our address. Morgen has GREAT idears! All I can fink of is Magic Meows or Magic Meowers since, you know, yur names are bof magical. Anofur vote for DaM(it).

Eric and Flynn meowed...

We can't fink of ennyfing better than Morgen. We like DaM(it) too.

Lux meowed...

merlin's meows and dobby's ... here's where I get stuck. Dobby's Dreams? Dobby's ...

Oh, I like the DaM(it) also!

The Meezers meowed...

building on Luxor's great idea - how about Merlin's Meows and Dobby's Doodles?

Kelly Cat's favorite human meowed...

I guess William of Mass Destruction has the initials already, but W(oman) M(erlin)D(obby) came to mind...

MD's Cat Calls?

But it sounds as though they're getting along well, and that's the best thing. Welcome home, Dobby!

Pablo meowed...

I'm gonna throw something totally new into the mix: Memphis Meows. It lacks their names, but the alliteration is awesome, if I do say so myself!

Anonymous meowed...

two phat cats?

Suzanne & her mama meowed...

2 phat cats is cute. DaM(IT) had me rofl.

Regardless of the name, you've got two happy cats...and you're lucky!