Timing is Everything

So last night, 'round midnight or so, I got Fishie out. Usually, after we're done playing with him, Mom puts Fishie away somewhere so she can always find him when we want to play. But last night, while we were playin', I tucked him away in a secret place and she didn't know where he was. So anyway, 'round midnight, I pulled him out of his hidey place and played and played.

See the thing is, Fishie has a little bell on his nose. It's not a big bell, but it's just big enough! Mom got outta bed and came to find me and picked up Fishie and put him away. But she said I could play with him again tonight.

Also, my Mom found an old camera that she thought was lost, and she's soooo excited 'cause she says they make better pictures than the one she's been usin'. Somethin' about mega-picnics.

See, even Fishie looks better!

9 Meows:

Sir Sidney and Emperor Nero meowed...

Great about the camera. Now we can look forward to more pics of you an fishie.

Gemini meowed...

Oh fishie looks like fun! Can I play? No?! I'll have to get my own!

Daphne meowed...

Fishie at midnight sounds like fun!
We played with RattleMouse the other night and Not The Mama growled at us!
But that just serves him right for all those weird kickin' dreams he's been having!
That's cool about your mom finding the mega-picnic camera -- a handsome guy like you deserves only the best pics!
Meow for now ~ Daphne ♥

Purrchance To Dream

Rascal meowed...

Hee, hee. I used to do that with my toy monkey. But only for my human brother who is now "The College Kid." It was against the rules for him to have it.

Catzee meowed...

I really likes your fishie an I would of hided it too.

Junior meowed...

That's terrible that she took fishie away from you after you worked so hard to keep him hidden!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

we don't unnerstand. duzzn't hearing Fishie's bell make yur momma happy cause she kin hear yur hafin fun?

Lux meowed...

Congrats about the mega-picnic camera - those shots came out well! What I like to do late at night is try to open the kitchen cabinet doors - bang! bang! bang! Mom can't very well take those away from me!

Sarah and Tiggy meowed...

Fishy sounds like a fun toy. I have toys wif bells too, and my mommy does the same thing. Why do humans like to sleep at NIGHT? It is so much more fun to sleep at day and then PLAY at night. We will have to train them better.