Get well Lilly Lu!

The image of Lilly Lu was created by Daisy, who did a Thursday Thirteen for Lilly Lu today, and she says you can use it on your blog if you want!

7 Meows:

jeter harris meowed...

deer merl an dobby,
it'z grate uv u to post dat byootiful card dat daisy made fer LL.
dobby lookz verree cute ... mi noo brudder an i are good frendz now like u two are!
life'z fun!
luv--yer frend--jh

Tara meowed...

Thanks for leaving a comment for Lilly Lu.


Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat meowed...

Many sincere and loving purrs to Lilly Lu.

Karen Jo meowed...

Yes, get well soon Lilly Lu.

Rascal meowed...

Pink purrs for Lilly Lu!

Suzanne meowed...

purring and purring...and all pink for lilly lu!


Parker meowed...

I am purring as hard as I can for Lilly Lu to get better!