We're here!


Hi Innernets! Don't worry about us, we're still around. There's a lot of stuff goin' on at our house and Mom's been real busy and she hasn't let us use the computer.


There are TWO boxes in the kitchen that I'm pretty sure are for US so hopefully we'll get to open them soon. Mom says that since I pooped in the wrong place for three straight days we have to wait to get what's in the packages. So I'm on day number two of NOT pooping in the wrong place. Hopefully we'll have stuff to tell about very soon!

6 Meows:

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) meowed...

uh oh.... be more careful next time, okay?

smiles, auntie bee

DaisyMae Maus meowed...

Gosh, I sure hope that you get the poop problem under control soon ... I'm always furry curious 'bout packages!

Cecilia & The 2Bs meowed...

What's up with the pooping problem? Bubbles thinks Dobby must have something to do with it.

momsbusy meowed...

hurry up ans gets thru yur fird day of no poopin. we wants to know whatcha gots in thems pakages!

kimiko & yuki

Anonymous meowed...

I wann know waht's in the boxes...hurry up and be purrfeckly good so we can find out!



Lux meowed...

Well, you've got something to look forward to, anyway! Good luck with not pooping in a bad place!