Big BIG Noos

Well, the verdict is in! DADDY SAID YES! I'm getting a BROTHER!!!! He's not coming until after the New Year because Mommy and Daddy are gonna go outta town at Christmas and don't wanna leave my brother alone like that. Me they'll leave, I guess. Whatever, I don't care! I'm gettin' a BROTHER!

I'm furry excited. I'm gonna show him my window and my tree and where's the best spot to see birdies, and I'm gonna introduce him to my woofies, cause they'll be his woofies too. Maybe he can teach me how to sleep with my tummy showin' like he does, b/c I don't do that. And I'll have somebody to snuggle with and play with and wrestle with, even when Mommy's not home!

Doesn't he look like me? I think maybe we were supposed to be brothers. I think Bubbles will really like me now, for getting LT out of his house. ;) Okay, and LT will also need his forever name. Mommy says Daddy gets to choose, but if you have suggestions let us know. Daddy named me, too, and wants LT to have a magical name to go with mine. Like "Hairy Potter." Are there other magician or wizard names that you can think of to suggest?

Mommy also wants for please efurrycat and efurrybean who has multiple kitty advice to please email or leave a comment!

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Morgen meowed...

Oh Merlin!!!
I'm so happy for you & your Mommy!

All I can think of is Gandalf, but that doesn't seem to be a cute kitten name. I'll put my thinking cap on!

I see you already have a "brother" label, too! Yay!

Victor Tabbycat meowed...

Yeah! But, has Merlin efur been round anofur kitty? Cuz if not, he mite be like Bonnie an not so furiendly. Mom says the bestest book bout cats she's read is "Cat vs Cat" (check B&N or Amazon). Read it now, afore LT comes home.
Cats is not dogs (duh) an interduckshuns aren't as easy. Merlin may fink LT's invadin his territory.
Most cats aren't as bad as Bonnie, but, a werd of warnin, don't go in expectin purrs an snuggles atween them. It's been a year an Bonnie now tolerates me. Then again, LT's a baby an Merlin mite take to him immediately.
Names... did Merlin the Magician haf an apprentice? I know he helped King Arthur.

THE ZOO meowed...

yaaahhhh yooos soo eggsighted and just cant hide it.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase meowed...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meowmy KNEW he'd give in. Oh how very very very exciting! Happy Dance!!


Kaze, Latte, or Chase meowed...

Oh, I wanted to add that if you look at the Siamese Rescue site www.siameserescue.org they have a fool proof plan for integration. Basically keep LT isolated for a week or two in his own room. Then slow meetings. Wand toys are the BEST equalizers so maybe fishy might like to meet LT along with you? Feel free to e-mail Meowmy, she just did integration twice this past year.


Anonymous meowed...

I am so happy that little LT is going to come and live with you, Merlin. Tell your mommy she might want to go to this web site and maybe get some information:
This might help a little.
Barbie-Lou & Taylor

Anonymous meowed...

Yea! Excellent news! We're so happy that LT is gonna be your little brother! Way to go Merlin's Mommmy & Daddy!

(from Buzzerbee & meep)

Sammy and Miles meowed...

we is sooooo happy for you! Tell your mommy to 'spekt hisses and growls for a while. Mommy has nefurr gone for the "slow introdukshun" thing - she just puts efurryone in one room for a couple of days to let us decide the "pecking order" and after that there's hardly any hissing. She does not rekomend this if you don't want to hear hissing and growling and wrestling for a day or two. Trixie was a little prollem, 'acause she was the Alpa Cat. But, Sammy and I love each ofurr furry much, and we loved Trixie and Norton furry much too, so I guess it's not too bad a fing to do. The ofurr fing she didded was take a barely damp towel and rub it on Trixie, then rub it on me so that I smelled like her. She settled down after that. The one fing that Mommy says should be a real no no is gifing LT any of Merlin's toys - that will make Merlin more territorial and jealous. Get LT his own toys at ferst.

Good luck, if your mommy has any questions, tell her to email my mommy, she has been doing this for 20 years.
Miles Meezer

Anonymous meowed...

That is so awesome!!!!!!! If you want you can talk to Kismet. He just got a little sister.


My site is www.dannieb123.wordpress.com
just so you know who I am.

Abby meowed...

BALDUR (BAHL-der; Male): The Vikings believed in a universal principle of fate which they called "Wyrd" (you're on your own with that one). All things were said to be subject to this principle, gods included. One god that seemed to be above the hand of fate was Baldur-son of Odin and Frigg, King and Queen of the gods. Baldur was known as "the handsome" and was as discerning as he was good-looking. His apparent invincibility was due to his mother's insistence that each and every "thing" in the universe should take an oath to never harm him. All "things" did just that...all except the plant, mistletoe (everyone thought mistletoe was too immature to be a threat). Baldur was a very popular god, so much so that he married the earth goddess, Nanna. Life was pleasant for this mighty god; he had it all-important family, good looks, intelligence, strength, a lovely wife-what more could he ask for? Enter Loki, god of mischief. Loki didn't like the idea of anyone or anything being exempt from the whims of fate, so he went to Baldur's old rival for Nanna's affections, the blind god of winter, Hoder. Loki convinced Hoder that it would be great sport to hurl a twig of mistletoe at Baldur. How anyone could be so easily entertained is a mystery, but Hoder went along with the game. Allowing devious Loki to guide his hand, the blind god threw the mistletoe at Baldur. The javelin-like twig scored a direct hit, impaling Baldur and, since mistletoe hadn't sworn to refrain from hurting Baldur, the wound killed him instantly. This horrible catastrophe, complements of Loki, taught the gods a harsh lesson: No one escapes the currents of fate. Nevertheless, Baldur was insuperable for a while anyway, making his name suitable for a gorgeous cat, wise in his ways, who seems to be unconquerable in all his feline battles.

We thought you might find this interesting...


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

YAY! our Lady's been sleepin' all day long on account of she duzzn't feel good an we just turned on the 'puter an looky what we finded - GRATE NOOS! we're all doin' the Happy Dance, effun the Lady who's not feelin' well. give yur daddy a big purry cuddle frum us!

Furry Logic meowed...

Olorin was the name of Gandalf before he came to Middle Earth. That could be a good name.


Anonymous meowed...

Great news! We're so happy for all of you, and wish you the best with the introductions. (We don't like each other, but we peacefully coexist.)

~Jake and Bathsheba

Tiger Lily meowed...

I wish someone would tell my big sister Jemima that I just want to play. OK, OK, I want to rule the universe but that doesn't mean she has to hiss at me every time I go near her. Well, OK, I bite her a lot and jump on her and stuff. Mom says this is all normal and it will get better when I get older and Jemima gets used to me being here.

Mom said Hilarion is an Adept in some books by Andre Norton. I like the name Saam, who is a ghatt in a series about telepathic cats who bond with their chosen humans. He's not a wizard but he's very handsome and intelligent.

Anonymous meowed...

Our meowmy says that there was a movie called "Merlin's Assistant" and the assistant to Merlin was named Jack...

The Girls,
Sammy and Lily

Lux meowed...

I hope this link works; it's of wizard names!


You're going to have so much fun, Merlin, with your new brother!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty meowed...

Gosh Merlin, he could be you as a young guy! I just know it'll be great having a brother. Of course, you'll be Senior Cat (like me!) and he'll be Second in Command (like my brother Max!) You can teach him everything he needs to know and you'll always have someone to play with.


Name: Mr. Hendrix meowed...

I'm so, so happy to hear this. Mine mommy said that this great news made her nosy feel better. You haf one great daddy. I'm sure that with all your bloggy furiends advice you'll haf no problems with your your brother.
Let me know what it is like hafing a furry sibling. I'm so glad for your family. Great job Merlin's dad for saying "yes!"

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy meowed...

Dis is furry good nooz. I wish I cood haf a little brofur. All I gots is big sisfurs (well, older sisfurs enewayz) Sadie liked me rite away but Zippy barely tolerates me. Momma put me inna big cage wen I first camed home, so I cood see my sisfurs and dey cood see me. Sadie stared sleeping on top of da cage wit me in it (I only got to come out if mom wuz here and not sleepin) and wez been frends efer since.

DaisyMae Maus meowed...

Mmmm ... I think that since you're the great and powerful Merlin, your brother should be Arthur the once and future king.
DaisyMae Maus

INAMINI meowed...

Yur wunnerful anownsment made my Mom lose hur Mi-grane! that is so GRATE!

Mungo n Teazer meowed...

DaisyMae is so furry smart!!! Arthur is a kewl kitty name!

nels-ed-nitro-xing lu meowed...

we are furry happy that you gets a brofur, and wishes you and him long, healthy, loving lives togefur!!

can't wait to see him wif you, but your mom & dad are right to wait until you can all stay wif him so he doesn't feel abandoned right after he moves from one house to anofur! they are mighty thoughty beans, and your dad is the best kind of dad--malleable (mom sez that means he can be mooshed into the right shape). you & mom did a good job of mooshin'! ;-)

merry christmas, furriend!!