A little about me

Merlin here.

I was tagged by Ariel so here it goes:

A. Name four places you have lived
1. On the street. I don't remember much about that.
2. At the vet where the nice girl that found me and my friends took us to stay.
3. At my house.
4. No place else.

B. Four things I love to watch
1. Birdies are my FAVORITE.
2. Chipmonkeys
3. Coco
4. Max.

C. Four places I have been outside my home
1. Memphis Animal Clinic
2. To the park in my stroller. Just once. When spring gets here we'll go some more.
3. In the car, to go to the Vet.
4. That's it, that I can think of.

D. Four websites I visit daily
1. My girlfriend Daphne.
2. My best friend Skeezix.
3. My best friend Jeter Harris.
4. All my other bloggin' kitty friends.

E. Four of my favorite foods.
1. Iam's indoor cat food
2. Whatever that yumminess in my little bro's dish is.
3. Soft whiskas treats are good.
4. Pancho's cheese dip.

F. Four places I would rather be right now
1. With Daphne in Michigan.
2. In that tree outside my favorite window with the birdies.
3. In the yard getting a sunbath with Coco.
4. In a tub of Pancho's cheese Dip.

G. Four toys I have owned and played with
2. Purple mousie
3. Fevver stick
4. Ricky Rodent

H. Four nicknames people call me
1. Magical Merlin
2. Big Handsome
3. Big Boy
4. Chubs (I don't particularly care for that one)

I. Regarding catnip
Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it
Answer: I like catnip, but I don't get it very often.

J. Regarding cat grass
Love it
It's nice
Could take it or leave it
Don't like it or can't have it
Answer: Never had it, so I dunno.

K. First things I buy after winning the lottery
1. Furrever homes for all the kitties of the world.
2. A house made of windows and lots of birdies to put outside.
3. A private jet to fly Daphne to visit me.

L. Four things I do besides eat sleep and litter box
1. Watch the birdies.
2. Wrestle with my little bro.
3. Chill out.
4. Patrol the house

M. Four things I want to do this summer
1. Sleep
2. Enjoy open windows
3. Go on a beach vaycayshun
4. Visit Daphne.

N. My four most prized possessions that have limited value to anyone else
1. Fishie
2. My window seat
3. My little bro (hee)
4. My handsome purple collar

O. What I am going to do before tomorrow
1. Clean myself.
2. Wrestle with my little bro.
3. Nap.
4. Watch and talk to my birdies.

P.Which of the following is your favorite place to hide and play
paper bags
plastic bags
Other (explain)
Answer: I don't really play in things like that, cause my daddy throws everything away if my mommy leaves it out for me. I do like to play under the bed.

Q. Four other pets that Mommy has had with me
1. Coco
2. Max
3. Little bro Dobby
4. That is all.

R. Four furiends I tag to respond:
1. My girlfriend Daphne
2. My little bro, Dobby
3. My friend, Pablo
4. My role model, Kismet

7 Meows:

Daphne meowed...

Oh Merlin!
That is a great meme!
I will do it as soon as the voting for Mr. Litterbox 2007 is over! Right now, we're trying to get some votes for Jazper!
I know that Skeezix is your bud, but lots of kitties & beans already voted for him -- will you and your mommy vote for Jazper?

I love the way you said you'd get a private jet, so we could visit each other... that made me all warm and tingly inside. And the way you said you'd rather be with me...
love you, my sweetie Big Man Cat!
meow for now,
~ Daphne

The Meezers meowed...

Merlin, those was good answers - we is glad to gets to know you better!!

Anonymous meowed...

Great Meme Merlin :)

Kaze, Latte, or Chase meowed...

Great meme! Really, do you like your fishie at all?? Does Dobby ever try to steal it from you?


Gemini meowed...

Oh wow! It's such a surprise that efurryone is doing it. Bonnie really started something, huh?

Name: Mr. Hendrix meowed...

Great answers Merlin. It is really nice that Dobby is one of your prized possessions. Very thoughtful of you. Can't wait to see your stroller pictures!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa meowed...

yur daddy throws away yur boxes? no fair! c'mon offur ta our howse an play wif ours. we gots so many boxes it looks like we'z movin'.