Merlin here.

We haven't been good about blogging, or commenting. But we have been reading efurrybody's blogs.

And we're just so sad.

Mommy's eyes keep leaking every day it seems like, with so much sad news lately.

We want to send purrs and love and headbutts to all our friends in the cat blogosphere. Especially the families of those we have lost this week.

Ubee, sweet and small, my Not-the-Mama-in-law cared for. Not the Mama made Ubee's last days warm, safe, and full of love.

Oscar a very handsome Man Cat, unexpectedly went to the Bridge. You can read about him at Emma's blog.

Anastasia is ruling the roost at the Rainbow Bridge now, and is free from worries.

10 Meows:

Christine and FAZ meowed...

It sure has been a sad week. FAZ

The Meezers meowed...

it has been such a sad week. mommy's eyes have been leaking alot and they're red and sore. you two be sure to give your mommy lots of kitty hugs and kitty kissies and she will feel better.

Chey and Gemini meowed...

It is a horribly sad week. So many shocks and such sadness.

Henry Helton meowed...

This is the worst week. I am too sad.

Pablo meowed...

This week officially sucks. But it reminds me how close I've become to the cats in the blogosphere and how many good friends I've made. And we know that these kitties have had great lives, unlike so many other cats in the world. Sorry, I'm not trying to be Pollyanna, just trying to find a bit of a silver lining in the big black cloud that is this week... hope you tabsters are well!

Kellie The Orange Cat meowed...

Yes, it has been quite a week here in the cat blogosphere. I hope we don't have another week like this one again!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase meowed...

We're glad to see you two! We miss you guys. I love that graphic, I especially love how it has so many animals. The rainbow bridge is for us all.


Eric and Flynn meowed...

Yes it has been a sad week wiv too many tears.One day we will all be re-united at the Bridge again

Parker meowed...

This week = lots of leaky eyes.
This week sux.

Skeeter & LC meowed...

Merlin- Kitties who just read bloggies are important too. If everykitty posted an nokitty read them, what good would that be?

Skeeter and LC