I know, we are not good bloggers. We keep takin' long vacayshuns from the bloggin'. But we do read all our friends' blogs, even if we don't leave comments. And we get the cat blogosphere noos everyday, so we know what's happenin'.

But here we are, bein' all snuggly with each other.

Also, if you or your beans need to go shoppin, check out Not the Mama's store, The Wren's Nest-- you can clicky on the thingy in our sidebar. There's lots of good stuff.

8 Meows:

Kaze, Latte, & Chase meowed...

I can't believe how big Dobby is! He's still a kitten in my mind.


Mo meowed...

You two are just the CUTEST together! Dobby is so big!
Yes, like Kaze said - he'll always be a kitten to us!
Thanks for putting up a link to The Wren's Nest!

Not The Mama

Skeeter And LC meowed...

Oh wow, thats a real store. We'll have The Big Thing take a look later (we bookmarked it fer him).

Cecilia & The 2Bs meowed...

Hi little brother! You are not little any more! How are your whiskers Merlin? We are very glad to hear you are doing well. We are also all still doing very well.
~Cecilia, Bubbles, Mrs. B & Madness

The Furry Fighter meowed...

i will encourage the Bean to look later! :) x

Anonymous meowed...

Y'all look so comfy on that chair!

Parker meowed...

It's nice to see you both!

Pablo meowed...

Wow, Dobby, you are, like, all growed up! It's getting harder to tell you and Merlin apart. How awesome to have a brother from another mother who looks so similar! I think that you two should get together with Tripper and me one Tabby Tuesday for our own special brown tiger tabby party!