Mom's not feelin' so good. She got a shot today in her thumb (I knew that thumb was trouble). I've had shots, and shots? Are NOT good. So tonight I will have to take care of her and try to help Dad make her feel better. Maybe if I stretch out on her and keep her warm it will help. You can see that I'm the perfect blanket. I could rub her belly or scratch her ears, that always makes me feel good. Anybody got some ideas?

3 Meows:

The Meezers or Billy meowed...

rubbing her belly would definately make her feel better.

Anonymous meowed...

okay. here's what she needs:
ice cream
fev-vers - alive or dead
a live rodent
crawly bugs
Temptations treats
She'll be feelin better in no time. We know WE would be!

Big Piney Woods Cats meowed...

Purrs.....lots of purrs......

Momma is going to be adding your linky when she gets the sidebar redone.